That stage of a relationship which comes right before the “friends with privileges” stage. This stage generally lasts for 60 days or less, when finally the right opportunity or occasion allows for a heightening of the buddy-buddy stage.

The buddy-buddy stage is an art form of innuendos, temptation avoidance, and tap dancing around the 600 lb. pink elephant in the room. Either party (usually both) in this stage realize that there is an incredible amount of heat exhibited by the other and eventually they move into the “friends with privileges” stage. (This is the incredibly fun stage that includes the Osceola Bronco, the GA all nighter, and the OMG…I cannot believe your motor skills are THAT good! Is that patented?)
Friend #1: Are you and Notorious G buddy buddy?

Cheerleader: We are in that mode, but I am extremely hopeful that he will give me the chance of becoming more of a friend...with privileges!!!!!!!!

by M.J. & M.E. October 14, 2006
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A person acting friendly when y’all were just beefing.

A person being 2faced by being friendly in your face but not behind your back.
Oh now you wanna act buddy buddy?”

“she tryna act buddy buddy but she was just talking shit think ian gon find out”
by shawtywitahfatty December 1, 2021
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An expression of disgust; when someone does something particularly backward or savage, you exclaim 'buddi buddi!'
Dude: You gonna eat dat cooornbreaaad?
Guy: Buddi buddi!
by Blackstump November 10, 2003
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the two lovers who eddie labels as brothers even though they are most definitely in love and you cant even deny it!
omg buddie is definitely canon!
by hailey xoxo April 21, 2020
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The act of flipping vehicles like hamburgers. Made famous by Buddy of SRA for his amazing capabilities of always flipping vehicles even on perfectly flat terrain.
Person 1: Hey don't flip it!
Person 2: I can't believe you think im bad enough to be 'Buddying' this truck.
by Honkliest August 20, 2021
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1. Dog

2. Little Kid

3. A word insecure men use to quickly establish dominance

4. Butt-buddy

5. Means friend 5% of the time
The word buddy is okay to use when said like "yea... I've got a buddy livin' off the grid up in the mountains."

Douchebag: "Hey! what's up buddy"

Cool guy: "Butt-buddy?"
by FreeSpirit2000 March 8, 2019
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1. A Person Who Listens When You Bare Your Soul
2. A Person Who Knows You Inside And Out
3. The Person Who Can Finish Your Sentence For You
4. Who Knows Without Being Told That Your Doubting Your Relationship
5. A Person Who Does Wrong, Apologizes, And Then Takes You Out (Fishing) To Make Up For It
6. The One Person Who Annoys The Hell Out Of You, But You Never Can Get Enough Of
7. The Only Person You Hate Seeing With Another Girl Cause You Don't Think She's Good Enough
8. The Person Who Acts Like Your Brother, Chauffeur, Body Guard, Best Friend, and Sometimes More.
9. The Only One Who Knows When Your Sad, Angry, or Scared, Even When Your Pretending To Be Happy
10. The Only One Who Can Always Make You Smile, Even When Doing Manual Labour.

Also Used As A Nickname
"If you wanna throw down, just remember my buddie has my back"

"Hey Buddie, would you go refill the wheelbarrow for me??"
"Hey Buddie, I need some more in the back"
by tigerlili94 August 8, 2006
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