To force someone to leave a group or area, through either violence or fear.

Also, to intimidate someone into leaving a group or area, usually accompanied with implied or express threats of violence.
"If I find out you ratted on me, I'm gonna have to roll you up."

"He was afraid that he'd get a beat down if he hung around, so he rolled himself up."

"Roll up, or get your ass whooped."
by dyrwk July 12, 2009
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Verb. To engage in sexual action with someone to whom little respect is shown. From roll in the hay.
See that guy over there? Yeah, I rolled him up last night.
by Sol April 4, 2004
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For a car to pull up on you in order to intimidate
Mone was rolled up on by a group of Prophets asking for Caesar
by Dum Boy March 30, 2019
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To arrive unannounced with the intention of delivering a beat down or to otherwise fuck someone up, esp. for retaliation of prior slight.

Synonymous with "Ride on"
Chris:"T shorted me 14 grams on my last buy."
Clint: "That bastard. Gonna have to roll up on him"
by MacDraiocht April 30, 2012
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Is a way of saying to put weed/marijuana in a roll of paper
(aka first step to a blunt)
Jenna: Hey, are you rolling up a blunt?

Anne: Yeah! You want some?
by HaterOfLegumes May 13, 2017
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