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Salvia Divinorum is a soft-leaved green plant, native to Southern Mexico...Became available in the underground psychedelic culture around the world in the early 1990's.
Salvia is unscheduled in the United States meaning it is legal to possess and sell... Salvia Divinorum has been added to a list of controlled plants in Australia as of June, 2002.
Depending on dosage, the Salvia experience can vary from a subtle, just-off-baseline state to a full-blown psychedelic experience. At higher doses users report dramatic time distortion, vivid imagery, encounters with beings, travel to other places, planets or times, living years as the paint on a wall or experiencing the full life of another individual. Needless to say these can be extremely powerful experiences and should only be attempted with a sitter. While most people remain unmoving during the experience, some individuals will attempt to get up and walk around while in a completely dissociated state.
While sub-threshold effects are somewhat innocuous--leading some people to be cavalier in subsequent experiences--once full effects are achieved, many people find S. divinorum to be unpleasantly overwhelming and more scary than fun. As has been found with pharmaceutical kappa-opioid agonists, salvia is aversive for many who try it.

short duration (when smoked)
radical perspective shifting
increase in sensual and aesthetic appreciation
creative dreamlike experience
insight into personal issues

powerful open and closed eye visuals
general change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
altered perceptions
change in body temperature (?)
sensation of physical push, pressure, or wind
sensation of entering or perceiving other dimensions, alternate realities
feeling of 'presence' or entity contact
dissociation at high doses, walking or standing

overly-intense experiences
fear, terror and panic
increased perspiration
possible difficulty integrating experiences

by Diego October 02, 2003
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Salvia Divinorum, hallucinogenic herb of the mint family. Related to sage. Very, very strange, possibly the most bizarre drug out there. The buzz is unique and at the higher levels is beyond mind-blowing in its sheer oddity.
I smoked some 5x salvia leaf and thought I had become a pillar of glass that was supporting the sky while the ground beneath me became a river of leaves.
by mike March 26, 2004
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Slang terminology to describe crushed and dried out leaves of the Salvia Divinorum plant. The leaves are usually smoked, but can be chewed as well - either way the results produce a profoundly bizzare, and intense psychedelic experience upon the user. This stuff is to be respected. Most people think that because it's legal, and it's sold by the same companies who sell many nonsense products (such as "legal buds"), that Salvia is nonsense as well. After non-believers try it - they are usually blown away by the experience, as I was. The experience rivals even the most intense acid or mushroom trip.
I thought Salvia was a crock, so when I got my hands on some - I immediately ripped the bag open and started bonging out on it, ready for disapointment. A minute after my second inhalation, the world no longer existed, reality was gone, and the voice I use to speak to myself in my own head, became it's own person and left me behind. When I came back to reality, I threw the rest away and never went near it again.
by TS11561 March 24, 2006
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hands down the craziest shit ever! my instructions for the most rediculous trip ever: pack a bowl, light, inhale one huge breath of nothing but the smoke like seriously untill you can't actually breath in anymore, hold your breath and hand the pipe and lighter to a SOBER friend(very important so you don't die) now all you have to do is keep holding your breath for as long as possible, you will probably laugh and thats when you'll breath out, from that point on reality no longer exists and depending on your surroundings(music, scenery, anything you can see or hear) you will experience the most nar-core trip ever, afterwards you will either laugh or cry for a long time as you try to tell your friends all the unreal psychadelic experiences you just had...the end
friend 1: hey i'm back from college, how bout we go do some salvia?
friend 2: fuck that shit, last time john turned into a fire breathing dragon, you were buffalow bill, and i was in a rodeo until we all turned into spiders running around in a cave and started screaming, "yea bitchs!"
friend 1:yea that was really funny, you freaked out bad
friend 2:yea it was
friend 1:so... want to go do some salvia
friend 2:sure you talked me into it, lets see if john wants to come
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The dried plant matter of Salvia Divinorum, once used ritualistically by Mazatec indians for religious purposes.

Currently the drug can be found in most smoke shops in the country in various strengths. x10, x20 etc.

When smoked (in the correct manners and at the correct strength) the user experiences hallucinations that are not comparable to any other psychoactive.

In my own personal experience, i became this childhood memory. no longer myself, then i also was the molten core of the planet. upon return reality seemed strange. I sweated more than normal and my head felt light.

Salvia is being made illegal in many states, therefore i would recommend expirencing it now while it is still around, and before it becomes next to impossible to get.
I wanted to trip on salvia so i got some of my friends together so i wouldn't do anything stupid.
by huskerfied August 02, 2009
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One of the greatest hallucinogens in the cosmos.... and its Legal!
This polish kickboxer told me to rip a whole bong of salvia in one hit and hold it for 30 seconds. I got to 15 and thought i felt something. I got to 20 and knew for sure I was feeling something. I got to 25 and forgot why I started counting in the first place. By the time I hit 30 I was floating down to the couch. Two of my best friends were standing in front of me, but I had absolutely no idea who they were. They were talking to me but their voices sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher. I looked down at my legs and they were fusing with the coffee table and couch. I looked to my right and all the furniture that was to the right of me was crawling up the wall and the ceiling extended to the far reaches of the universe. I looked behind me and saw that a darkness was sweeping over our dimension. The only thing that I could rationalize at the time was that our world was ending, but I was ok with it, because the life I led has been pretty bitchin'. So i sat there waiting for this giant void blanket of destruction and disintegration to finish consuming our existence. Then i started to come out of the trip and my friends said I looked like a newborn baby, and that everything I looked at looked like it was the first time i had ever seen it. Sounds about right. Also Jethro Tull will never be the same again. Great Trip!
by Manta Ray April 11, 2008
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a really strong hallucenogen, that you can smoke or chew (legally), that gives you a short, but wild high which can end up in uncontrollable drooling, laughing, freaking out, a loss of reality, and a sudden and extreme sense of heat all over your body. When you do salvia it is highly recommended to have someone sober to assist you while you take your "trip".
Murph decided to smoke the salvia he just bought in the store parking lot, and quickly found out it was too much for public use when he suddenly turned retarded and left his reality in the truck with his friends.
by tim pimpy murphy September 25, 2007
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