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Common reference to a homosexual used in certain Boston neighborhoods
Wow that dude is a real deal smoocher
by mike February 11, 2005
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Smile Crouch Heave Massive Organic Objects- when camping in nature n you need to take a crap, but don't touch the ground
Mike when camping, schmoo'ed on a man's head
by mike November 7, 2004
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slang tenr for mother fucker, only used when around, parents, the cops, or your grandma
you mudda sucka, why you cuffin me?
by mike March 17, 2003
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To kiss (must be said in a french accent)
I love it when you noitalucso me especially upon my neck!
by mike August 7, 2003
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Someone who offers incredibly high-interest loans to people that will never be able to pay them back. Loan sharks are among the most hated people on earth.
Loan sharks make a living off screwing people for life.
by mike July 17, 2004
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