An amazing Pop/Punk/R&B band from Las Vegas, Nevada.
They have released four records so far and their sound is much like the newest addi(c)tion to the Decaydance/Fueledbyramen record label, The Cab.

Very sweet boys. Currently touring with Sherwood, The Matches, and We Shot The Moon, making up the 'Starry nights and Salty Seas' tour.
'have you heard of The Higher?'
'yeah theyre rad. they sound like The Cab.'
'lets go see them tonight.'

-goes to see-

by this is luisa March 2, 2008
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1. Joey: "After that 12 hour shift and this blunt, i'm mad highered
by Mix MAster "O" August 15, 2006
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Pathetic attempt at the simple word 'raise.' Heard in southern california. Actually used by adults, if you can believe it.
"Aww man - they highered the price of weed!"

"Maybe that's a good thing"
by spinningtabletop May 17, 2010
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1) When one becomes drowsy from hitting the weed too hard. It is a combination of the words, "high" and, "tired".

2) When one must put his/her boss under the influence of narcotics, usually in an interview, in order to acquire the job they're applying for.
1) I shouldn't have smoked that purple stuff, man. I'm really highered now.

2) You know that job interview I had last week? Yeah, it took a lot of work, but he finally highered me.
by UpTop November 18, 2011
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exclamation of the word hi, said especially in an over-excited way!! Also said when having sun tan lotion put on your back...
(sun tan lotion being put on...) lower (so hand goes lower), left (so hand goes left), right (so hand goes right) higher (so HIGHER is said and hand is left where it is) leading to a great fit of giggles!!
by Higher-friend October 13, 2006
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The act of being high on weed whilst being hired for employment.
'Yea man, I was totally highered!'
by dinamic33 February 2, 2013
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adj - a state of consciousness where one is under the influence of marijuana and is exhausted.
what time is it? i'm so highered!
by Jordan(zig) Johnson May 30, 2007
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