a hallucinagen related to the herb sage.
it is usualy smoked in a small bowl and the smoke is sucked thru a straw
"james took a good wiff and was walkin on da ceelin and den josh was suckin it all in an insed of seein 3-D he was seein 8-D"
by joe December 01, 2003
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a family of around 1000 plants suck as salvia officianials or salvia divinorum
the most famous salvia is salvia divinorum with its spacey propaties. but salvia divinorum is unlike anyother drug out there
theres 1000 different types of salvias
by JOSH B FROM NEW JERSEY! July 02, 2004
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some crazy legal shit dat have your tail forgeting who you is where you at and have you all paranoad seeing and stuff
lets smoke some salvia.

naw man im trying 2 leave dis earth but not dis galaxy.
by kbreezy112 August 07, 2011
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Worse than suicide. If you hate yourself, do some suicide. If you more than hate yourself, smoke some salvia!
where did you put the salvia bro?" "I put it next to the cyanide and razors, you worthless cunt
by cut off my penis August 04, 2010
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a plant that you smoke and has a short effect, but makes you laugh so hard, feel like you're flying and you don't know what the hell you're talking about. So basically tripping balls.
Salvia man...some crazy ass shit !!
by domatic December 26, 2015
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Ah, The bad medicine. Salvia lasts about 10 to 20 minutes when smoked. For some, a noticeable effect is a feeling of heaviness of the body first, and somehow, at the same time exiting the physical body, and forgetting the person ever existed, and exists only as a tunnel of consciousness stretching across the universe. Physically thinking they are made of a truck seat, the truck seat is their body, and their body is the truck seat. Followed by pairs of eyes staring, and any attempt to drink a cup of water results in dry water pouring down the throat. Stuff like that, I see why it's tribal use is not in a smokeable form.
Take a hit of the Salvia it will put you in the trash can. It's so true it really will put you directly in the trash can, where you are trapped for 15 minutes before you escape.
by Gandalf O'Llylwann August 01, 2016
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