What the rich call the working class. Used in a snobbish way, with their nose in the clouds.
Come dear, you mustn't associate yourself with the little people, we have standards that are far above them.
by outdoorsguy November 30, 2006
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Midget. Short people, dwarfs, peopel generaly around 4ft tall with small penis's.
Dumbass: Look! its a midget!
Midget: We prefer to be called a little people, you craped filled vagina.
by PissInMyAss October 16, 2007
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My friend is playing little people, do you want to learn how to play?
by KordTheNord December 23, 2018
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Just another way to say midget. A way they hate.
1) You see those little people.

2) Don't call them that. You idiot!
by Finalpoet June 19, 2018
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A Hilarious television show on TLC that is guised up to be "politically correct" but in reality is degrading to midgets. There are a few reasons why.
1- The show occasionally has subtitles.
2- It frequently shows them being too small to reach an object. As if viewers did not know that its hard for midgets to reach higher places
3- Last but not least, it tries to get the message across that "midgets are just like me and you" by showing their daily lives. You are watching a family's daily life on TV, HOW BORING!!!!
the only reason people watch this is because they either find it funny (although I must admit the show is hilarious thats only as of my sense of "laughing at things that are politically incorrect to laugh at")or "interesting"
If you were a midget, would you want people to think of you as "interesting"? OF COURSE NOT!
The other people who defined this show are proof that viewers are only watching little people big world because they find it funny or interesting
by school_sick_801 December 23, 2008
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Little People Big World (LPBW) is a show about midgets, or what they liked to be called, "little people". the main basis of the show is a family called the roloffs who live a redneck life-style in some hick town in oregon. the parents, Matt and Amy, who are both midgets, commute to the north pole every day to help build toys for christmas. the children of the family are jeremy, zach, molly and jeremy. jeremy and zach are twins. jeremy is 18 ft tall (or least he looks like it next to his parents) and zach is a midget. he too will one day work at santa's village but for now, he attends faith bible high school, where he plays varsity football (he's the ball). the other two, molly and jacob, are normal sized. jacob enjoys fighting zach on a daily basis and always wins. after zach's senseless beating, jacob yells, "go back to your tree village you frigging gnome!!!!" molly is a serial rapist who has a fettish for midgets. she romes the country side hunting down midgets, raping them, then castrating them. her crimes go unnotisted by the family because frankly, no one cares aout average sized people.
"hey, you see those silly midgets on little people big world last night?"
by Billy26 June 24, 2007
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A comedy show about a group of midgets who claim the can do anything. the father midget cant really do anything, but brags about his great invention all the time. his great invention is just this stool with a poll stuck to it. all the midgets always complain that the world is only safe for normel people. LOOK AROUND there arnt that many midgets!!!!!!! tHIS SHOW IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT ON TV!!
A very funny episode was the one where the father midget (Little father?) was doing his photo shoot with his great invention and got a parking ticket. HE COULDNT GET THE TICKET OFF HIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE SHARE YOUR best little people big world moment
by AUsTin Aub August 23, 2007
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