supermarket in the uk currently endorsed by fat tongued celeb chef jamie oliver.
jamie oliver says try something different. I say try waitrose instead of sainsburys
by henapen September 16, 2006
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sainsbury's (also known as J Sainsbury)is a supermarket in the UK and it's pretty soi disant - that means it's stuck up. fat-tongued essex boy Jamie Oliver currently fronts up the ads for this dismal store. I bet he hates himself for that, although he can have all the pukka food he likes because he gets a shit load of wonga for saying things like 'try something different'. try waitrose instead.
I noticed a grammatical error at sainsbury's today - it should be '10 items or fewer', not 'less'.
by henapen August 3, 2006
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a stupid supermarket that is bluddy expensive and that jamie oliver does the ads for
mum: *watching jamie oliver* oh,hes SO amazing
me:*mutters under breath* shes in LOVE.
mum: im not!!! i have chris.
me: *in thoughts* well i think hes a brstrd.and i hope mum isnt telepathic.
mum: what would you like 4 christmas?
me:* pretend idea* some cheese from sainsburys.
mum: *taking it literally* ok.
me:* in thoughts* id like to live with my boyfriend who has the BEST mum EVER!!!!!!
by lone wolf 1010 December 24, 2019
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Generic adjective, probably from London, inferring positive connotations. Part of a wide selection of meaningless adjectives created by Londoners. Synonyms include bank and box.

Probably derived from an English supermarket chain.
Man, that is well sainsbury.

We is goin sainsbury innit.

You must allow that unsainsbury, she has got AIDS.
by Moon March 23, 2005
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Person 1) Who is that guy who all the ladies seem to be attracted to?
Person 2) Oh, that’s Alfie Sainsbury the super cool dude
by Acton Bell February 18, 2022
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When someone says they know a shortcut but it actually ends up being a longer route. Unnecessary and silly.
Anand: "Wait, I know a shortcut...take this left here...quick turn right again! Oh you were too slow, now we have to wait"

Cab driver: "What? You wanted me to take a left to miss to miss that traffic light and go through another traffic light?? What a silly man, what a stupid Sainsbury's manoeuvre!"
by Sam says September 30, 2018
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