Is a boner that comes in a bad time, like in your office, your classroom, hospital while getting a check up or while getting a massage.
Guy1: Dude i saw you dacning with that chic, how'd it go?
Guy2: Akward. Had an Unnecessary, killed the mood.
by Mike JC July 27, 2008
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Like perfume on a hog
It's unnecessary like perfume on a hog.
by Ct1996 September 16, 2017
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unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary
This is kind of unnecessary
by The Tangoman March 13, 2005
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Huge papers that you have to write in a short amount of time.
At My high school, the most unnecessary paper is called the exhibition.
by qpcq March 24, 2011
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pointless stupid cock random unwanted useless annoying crazy dick dumb excessive extra funny impress penis prick ridiculous superfluous verbage verbcessitate verbcessitating verbcessitation work Solid
Solid is an pointless unnecessary person to have on my friends list
by sdhgsdh January 18, 2008
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This phrase makes an appearance in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Turnabout Samurai. It is stated by the best prosecutor in the Ace Attorney series, Miles Edgeworth.

Unnecessary Feelings has a celebration day on 20th October, usually people will make fanart of the scene and post on social media to celebrate.
Miles Edgeworth: Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings.

Phoenix Wright: Unnecessary feelings?

Miles Edgeworth: Yes. Unease... and uncertainty.

Phoenix Wright: Aren't those kind of necessary?
by cheemsire August 12, 2021
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