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Is a boner that comes in a bad time, like in your office, your classroom, hospital while getting a check up or while getting a massage.
Guy1: Dude i saw you dacning with that chic, how'd it go?
Guy2: Akward. Had an Unnecessary, killed the mood.
by Mike JC July 27, 2008
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pointless stupid cock random unwanted useless annoying crazy dick dumb excessive extra funny impress penis prick ridiculous superfluous verbage verbcessitate verbcessitating verbcessitation work Solid
Solid is an pointless unnecessary person to have on my friends list
by sdhgsdh January 17, 2008
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When you get kegged in front of your cousin and her friends when you are holding your phone in one hand and an ice cream in the other meaning you are unable to stop your wang from flopping out and being in full visibility.
‘Do you remember when Scott got kegged in front of his cousin?’
‘That was so unnecessary
by ScottBobHemp July 04, 2018
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