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Is a boner that comes in a bad time, like in your office, your classroom, hospital while getting a check up or while getting a massage.
Guy1: Dude i saw you dacning with that chic, how'd it go?
Guy2: Akward. Had an Unnecessary, killed the mood.
by Mike JC July 27, 2008
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unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary
This is kind of unnecessary
by The Tangoman March 13, 2005
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pointless stupid cock random unwanted useless annoying crazy dick dumb excessive extra funny impress penis prick ridiculous superfluous verbage verbcessitate verbcessitating verbcessitation work Solid
Solid is an pointless unnecessary person to have on my friends list
by sdhgsdh January 17, 2008
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Something that is just uncalled-for and not needed. Maybe even kind of weird to bring up or say in the first place. Like why?
Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urges Australia to create a 'Notre Dame' fund. Given the Australian governments' destruction of countless Aboriginal sacred sights and pristine Australian landscapes for capital gain, this idea of a Notre Dame relief fund is ridiculous and unnecessary. It is really devastating to everyone that this beautiful symbolic cathedral has sustained extensive damage from this recent fire but between the French government, the Catholic Church, wealthy billionaire donations, and other individual donations they will be more than OK.

They got this, bro. Last night was fun and all but next time we only take half an edible, ok?
by morpheusisdope April 16, 2019
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