What the computer (or technology in general) is full of. A computer's MOST FAVORiTE word ever, and its VERY MOST FAVORiTE thing to do. Errors are not really mistakes; computers (and other similar devices) just do them on purpose to tick people off.
Trying to upload a pic on Facebook, and I got this message
Computer: "ERROR: Facebook has encountered a problem try again later."

*****30 MiNUTES LATER*****

Trying to burn a CD
Computer (when it "finishes burning" the CD): "Error: The memory could not be read."
Me: "AUUUGH!" gets mad and stomps off to room
by smking59 May 25, 2009
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what myspace is full of.
tom: i'm sorry theres been an error it has been forwarded to myspace's technical group.
me: fuck you tom! *breaks computer*
by gh0stk1d August 1, 2006
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When your computer freezes then starts playing an annoying sound over and over again, driving you so insane you decide to jump off a bridge with your computer in one hand and the manual in the other.
Person: "OMG! This ERROR not again!"
by Angry Salamander October 27, 2005
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Some unexpected outcomes that no one wants.
As of 17 July 2022, Urban Dictionary has an error, which its like & dislike button became longer than usual and when we click it, the like & dislike is not counted at all. What happened? Can admin solve the issue as soon as possible? Thank you.
by Jaga Kesihatan Diri July 17, 2022
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Mom: My son was my biggest mistake / error
Jake Paul: ...
by Sheeshsquatch69 May 3, 2020
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When something goes wrong it is known as an error. Usually pronounced using a drunken slur
I've Errored tonight.
ERROR, Ive just lost everyone.
by Rob P March 27, 2003
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