adjective for grammar, can be used to sound smart
Person: I were getting to it.
Other Person: Ah, I see you've made a grammatical error, fucking retard.
by Faste Cobalt April 24, 2017
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Being over dramatic about poor grammar or punctuation.
She was very Grammatic over my poor spelling.
by Flippinzipper February 3, 2016
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A vast majority of the posters on Urban Dictionary.
i dropped out of school when i was four because that bitch teacher was keeping me down, just like the man. STICK IT TO THE MAN! NOW I ARE RACISTSEXIST! ^^ (Grammatically Challenged)
by Moikii September 3, 2007
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When the words you are saying do not add up correctly to make sense.
"I was the only one to help set up for the party today and I did everything" "Didn't Mark, Jim and Pam help you set up? That grammatical math don't add up."
by soultoast unlimited March 21, 2021
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When a person correcting someone else's grammar, spelling, or general intelligence makes a grammar or spelling mistake themselves. This does not count if the person has intentionally made the mistake. The phrase comes from "dramatic irony", but is not actually a form of irony.
On an Internet forum:
> > These stupid people are just crybabies who complain when they don't get they're way!

> Your an idiot because you can't spell!

Oh, the grammatic irony....
by illuminatedwax April 18, 2007
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The intense attraction that you get when someone correctly adheres to English grammar conventions.

Often associated with intelligence, but more commonly associated with sexiness.
Grammatical Lust in action: "You capitalise letters at the start of sentences? Excuse me while I take my pants off..."

"That girl spells 'you're' as 'your'...despite her well proportioned physique, she would be so much attractive if only she could better satisfy my grammatical lust."
by keyda October 21, 2011
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