a self-service retail market selling foods and household merchandise.
Jimmy went and robbed the supermarket because he is a dumbfuck.
by the great dick cheney October 22, 2004
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A place where you can buy guns such as AK47's ect. and all kinds of drugs such as coke,LSD ect. A place where gangs get a lot of there stuff.
John went to see what he can find at the supermarket.
by Deep blue 2012 December 16, 2009
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When two individuals who work together in a supermarket can't keep there hands off each other during work hours.
Keirsten and chad work together in a supermarket they become physical attracted to each other and suddenly they begin hiding in the produce cooler so Keirsten can suck chads banana and chad and play with Keirsten 's mellons it leads into some hot supermarket sex.
by JDawg 316 October 17, 2015
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The act of two individuals walking head on in a supermarket at which time they are unable to predict the direction the opposite party will maneuver resulting in a left to right or right to left shuffle that leaves both parties felling somewhat awkward about the occurrence. This sometimes leads to nervous laughter or a consequential head on collision.
Ex: Lyle was walking down the frozen foods section at Wally World when in front of him appeared a patron walking in the opposite direction. When the two parties tried to pass they did the supermarket shuffle before bursting into a nervous yet awkward laughter and going on about their business.
by L. Walker June 22, 2009
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Music that is heard in a supermarket or has a distinctive style like the music heard in a supermarket.
Guy: Dude, it all sounds like the same damn supermarket rock to me.
by Owen Lillrck (anagram it!) December 5, 2010
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n. Slapper

"Cheap and always open".
Jack: "Hey Bill, have you seen the new girl Sharon?"
Bill: "Yeah Jack, but I hear she's got real supermarket legs!"
by Jamie Douglas September 24, 2006
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The act of consuming alcohol, usually bought from a supermarket for maximum money-saving, at someone's house prior to an evening out.
I'm guessing Tara will wanna go to the supermarket pub before Q to save a bit of moolah.
by Martram August 3, 2006
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