1. A more direct route than the customary one.
2. A means of saving time or effort.
Person #1: If you take the next right, it'll save you like ten minutes. It's a pretty handy shortcut.
Person #2: Sweet dude, thanks.
by illEATurHARTout December 12, 2004
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when your watching tv and it goes from one show to the next
man i was watching tv last night and it went to commercial and it was a different show it was like a shortcut or some other shit
by aaron plowman January 17, 2017
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A journey of a thousand miles starts with one "I know the shortcut!".
by sleep`walker May 5, 2011
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A shortcut that in the end proves almost no purpose. It is either so ridiculous that no one would ever use it, or it only saves a person one minute in a three hour car drive.
Dude, why did you just take that drew shortcut? It didn't save as any time.
by Xanthrun December 10, 2006
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Jersey Shortcut – Second man in; or to “swoop” in on a situation where your buddy has already engaged in conversation with one or more women. It is not necessarily one’s intention to distract the girl your buddy is talking to, or to “CB” him, but to engage her friend in conversation as the “ice” has already been broken by your buddy. If, in fact, the girl your buddy is talking to seems more interested in you than him, it is acceptable at this point to make a move and potentially steal the girl away.

Rob – Yo, check out those 2 broads over there… yea, the blonde has been staring me down since we walked in.

Derek – Yea? …well then make moves son!

Rob – I got this.

Rob – Hey, what’s up.. you guys know of any good bars or clubs around here?

Blonde – (Insert engaging reply here)

Derek – (Swooping in from the side to talk to her brunette friend, instantly begins kicking solid game…)

Rob – Damn.. there goes that Jersey Shortcut again!
by Mr. NJ June 30, 2010
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Not wiping after defacating.
I was late for work and out of toilet paper. I had no time to grab a new roll so I took an Alabama Shortcut.
by Bobafet75 July 7, 2014
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The act of taking an apparent shortcut only to find the person or people you were trying to get ahead of speed past as you wait knowing you have suffered from some serious shortcut shame.

Invented in Pompey in 2011.
Johnny took the shortcut to avoid the traffic lights except he came to the junction to be stopped by a parked taxi and he sees all the cars drive on by. Tommy turns to him and says "wasteman that was some serious shortcut shame"
by PDizzleThe3rd June 28, 2011
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