VERB: 1. to veer completely off-course 2. to act in a way contrary to how one would normally behave 3. to be incorrect

Other variations include: "take an L" and "go left"

ETYMOLOGY: Hip hop slang
My money loving friend Karen totally took a left when she dumped her Ivy league boyfriend and married the Pizza Hut delivery guy.
by Danielle Belton January 25, 2005
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to leave where you are at the moment to go somewhere else, i.e. to leave
jane and sue are at a boring party and jane wants to go so jane says to sue, "I think its time to take a left".
Translation:let's leave
by Nikell V. Johnson January 15, 2008
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The act of becoming the person on the top left of your facebook 'Who's Online' display, hence the person you speak to most on the social network site.
'Me and Miranda have been talking on fb for weeks, I think she's taking the top left!'
by Reggae Mother May 25, 2011
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