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When someone says they know a shortcut but it actually ends up being a longer route. Unnecessary and silly.
Anand: "Wait, I know a shortcut...take this left here...quick turn right again! Oh you were too slow, now we have to wait"

Cab driver: "What? You wanted me to take a left to miss to miss that traffic light and go through another traffic light?? What a silly man, what a stupid Sainsbury's manoeuvre!"
by Sam says September 30, 2018
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Apparently an alternative to baby steps...in an alternative universe perhaps..or in Vinny's

Classic example of a Vinny-ism
Slow down, just take pigeon steps

It's OK, he's just taking pigeon steps...

Vinny what are you doing? Taking pigeon steps mate
by Sam says May 10, 2022
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