to drive around aimlessly while smoking marijuana usually with other people, but can be done alone
There's nothing going on tonight, so we're just gonna route all night.
by Stevie P June 6, 2006
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When the cops raided the keg everyone routed.
by brian. November 7, 2007
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To leave a place. A double entendre combining a shortening of the phrase "roll out" and the noun "route".
Yo this party's a sausage fest, tryin' to route?
by Quizzle Rat October 4, 2007
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Something one follows to guide them to a place they want to go. The proper way to pronounce ''route'' in America is ''rowt'' not ''root''. A root is a part of a plant. A route is something you follow.
by David March 7, 2004
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Series of connected roads most commonly used to transport drugs and take part in the action.
Do you want to hit the route with this GB?
by puh_trish_uh_sir_bow September 14, 2017
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The different paths a penis can take to maneuver through the various defenses crafted by women to protect their end zones.
Cam Newton thinks it's funny to hear a female talk about routes .
by Puntmuffer October 6, 2017
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"We went to jail because cops pulled us over for routing."
by Dan Tomaszewski February 13, 2008
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