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a cool supermarket in the UK. not to be confused with sainsburys, asda, morrisons or tesco.
I like the deli at waitrose and the checkout girls are much better than tesco value
by henapen August 04, 2006

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supermarket in the uk currently endorsed by fat tongued celeb chef jamie oliver.
jamie oliver says try something different. I say try waitrose instead of sainsburys
by henapen September 16, 2006

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this is when you are really stuck up and think you are something you are not
Mark is sooooo soi disant he thinks he knows aristotle off by heart
by henapen August 07, 2006

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sainsbury's (also known as J Sainsbury)is a supermarket in the UK and it's pretty soi disant - that means it's stuck up. fat-tongued essex boy Jamie Oliver currently fronts up the ads for this dismal store. I bet he hates himself for that, although he can have all the pukka food he likes because he gets a shit load of wonga for saying things like 'try something different'. try waitrose instead.
I noticed a grammatical error at sainsbury's today - it should be '10 items or fewer', not 'less'.
by henapen August 03, 2006

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a good-looking female stunt artist
Film goer #1-The stuntmuffin in for Angelina certainly had nice buns. I would.
Film goer #2- Yes, so would I.
by henapen August 09, 2006

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