big ol thiccc boi dont no how to spel or speaks properly

plays soccer when not in goaly hes fucking disabled

plays overwatch and probably watches hentai

looks like raoul silva with braces
hamish sainsbury is pretty fockin gay
by that fook February 13, 2019
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refers to the action of pulling your penis downwards, whilst pushing your scrotum forwards with your legs, so your balls get pushed either side of your cock. A succesful procedure should resemble the most disgusting chicken on the shelves in the super-market.
hey, who wants to see the last chicken in sainsbury's
by DUB_JUDAH November 2, 2006
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Another name for the lispy British tv cook and Sainsbury's bum chum, Jamie Oliver.
Lord Sainsbury of Tum Tum is trying to make it illegal to eat what you like.
by Chelsea Sneer January 13, 2009
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Describes the action of telling a hopelessly stupid lie and believing that it will actually work.

Usually associated with intellectually challenged lower to middle class Australian girls hoping make enough fast cash for a Contiki tour.
Cassie: Don't worry, I'll just tell those stupid Colombian police I thought they were headphones, that'll cover me. I mean, I'm a blonde haired white girl, they couldn't prosecute me for drug smuggling, the Australian government will protect me.
Narrator: They didn't believe her and her story. The Australian government couldn't give the square root of half a fuck and she went to jail for 30 years. Turns out she just did the biggest Sainsbury since Schapelle Corby with her 15kg boogie board.
by hjch August 10, 2017
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