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Sweaty is also used to describe a person who is way into something with intensity. Whatever the person is doing, if they are balls deep into the game then they are a sweaty fucker.
I just saw a group of 5 sweaty dudes playing guitar hero.

That sweaty fucker has a halo shirt on.

He can grind a 15 foot rail. Hes pretty sweaty.
by myooralist December 04, 2007
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Derived from "Squillionaire," "squill" is a dereogatory term for anyone who accumulates, flaunts, hoardes, or otherwise posseses wealth beyond reason.
Uugh, look at that squill parking his Lambo in the bike lane.

This fucking squill bought herself a Gucci handbag last week and gave $5 to my GoFundMe for insulin.

My landlord raised the rent again but they still wont fix the leaky roof. What a squill!
by Carnegie Freeman May 23, 2019
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A kid in a game who tries way too hard that later, everyone starts to hate. You never want to become this kid.
Dude, Seth, your so sweaty. Please for the love of god stop it now!
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by MaximShrine July 27, 2017
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"Sweaty" is the correct way to spell the word "Sweety" on Tumblr.

Taylor Swift harasses her fans by suing them in court. Prior to the law suits, she DM's them saying, "SEE U IN COURT SWEATY ;) "
When someone's tryna correct u but u know they wrong so you're like "listen sweaty"
or when someone copies you, so you're like "SEE U IN COURT, SWEATY"
by listen sweaty November 13, 2016
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The grammatically incorrect way to spell β€œsweety,” (mainly used on Tumblr or Twitter)

An online joke/meme

Usually used in an argument or jokes amongst friends
When somebody tries to come for you but you know you’re right.

β€œNice try, sweaty!”
β€œListen sweaty....”
β€œFirst of all, sweaty”
by Tragedywtf October 21, 2017
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The grammatically incorrect way uneducated jocks refer to somebody (typically their significant other) when they are referring to them as "sweetie".
"Happy two month anniversary, sweaty!"
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by jonahraleigh April 30, 2017
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Someone who is really good or very enthusiastic about something like a lesson. For example always puts their hand up and knows the answer to all the questions. Usually used as an insult. Originates from Leicester.
"Why you so sweaty at English?"
"Sweaty Boff."
by Qazwsxedcrfvv November 30, 2012
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