a safeword is a word (mainly used in BDSM - bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) that bottoms use when the painful pleasure starts to genuinely hurt, or what tops use if they think they're being too harsh.

A safeword is generally a word that isn't something you would say during sex, for example, various fruits (like apple or orange); large numbers (like 73 or 460); different shapes (like a heptagon or a tetracontakaiheptagon); extinct animals (like a dinosaur or a quagga); et cetera.

A safeword is never "please stop," "I can't take it," or "it hurts," and this is because the masochist (or bottom) says these things to express that the sadist (or top) is doing a good job.

A safeword shouldn't be a simple word, because sometimes the word will be forgotten. A longer and more complicated word can be said, and the other will notice that it's the safeword, even if it has not been established. If you haven't set a safeword and it's too much for you, then just think of a random word, like a phobia, or an unnecessarily long name for a color, or anything. You can even just say "safeword" and that should be enough.

Safewords should always be discussed with your other partner(s) because it's a very important thing to talk about. You can even bring it up during intercourse because it's a normal thing to ask "what's the safeword again?" and it will be fine. if you feel shy about asking, then don't be. you should be comfortable with your partner.
sub: Hey, what's the safeword again?
dom: I don't know, what about ballpoint pen?
sub: i'll try to remember that, i guess
fiveteen min later
sub: (forgets the safeword) ...safeword!!
dom: did you forget the safeword?
sub: yeah, i did, sorry
dom: it's okay :)
sub: :)

and they lived happily ever after :D
by bigdaddy123yesplease February 25, 2022
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A safeword conserns BDSM sexual acts. In BDSM, begging to stop increases pleasure and reality. A safeword is used to actually mean "stop", since screams for stop aren't sincere. The safeword is usually a normal word, like "pink", "banana", or "door" and is determined before starting play.
Jan: Tonight's safeword is "music".
Rob: Oh no! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Jan: Ooh, you've been a naughty boy.
Rob: Please, I'm begging you!
Rob: Music.
Jan: Alright, enough for tonight you filthy boy.
by hyenaste September 14, 2005
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A safe word is used to interrupt a scene during sex, mostly in BDSM relationships. Usually words entirely unrelated to the situation, such as "red, banana, shelf, chair" etc, are used as safe words. A safe word is important for both submissive and dominant partners to create a safe and comfortable space for everyone involved.
Dom: *smacks partner*
Sub: "BANANA! (safeword) That's too hard."

Dom: *smacks partner*
Sub: *yelps*
Dom: "RED! (safeword) I feel bad/guilty for hitting you like that."
by sourceofeducation September 8, 2018
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A word which describes when the pleasure should stop during sex, before things get out of hand.

Usually something that wouldn't be said DURING intercourse.
Guy: What's tonight's safeword?
Girl: Door

P.S: Hi Shannen. LMAO.
by Jay-Moneyyyyy May 2, 2010
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Something your sexual partner screams out when about to orgasm an is overwhelming enough that you can start to reach your nut
Me and Maggie have a safeword, but I forget what we said.
by Titus dyfilid February 18, 2019
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The cutesy word that triggers over-the-top couples to kiss each other or be affectionate.
Geof keeps saying "butter," so Heather has to anti-safeword kiss him. Tricky Geof. Lucky Geof.
by ShortSmartSassySweet April 12, 2021
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