When a situation gets complicated or extra drama is added to a situation.
It got really tricky when Nicole started bringing her new boyfriend around her daughter.
by Jbanana October 19, 2016
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A character that originates from the classic Newgrounds series, Madness Combat, as neither a protagonist and antagonist as presumed from an Newgrounds Wiki, from what i've read anticlimaticly. He also is a Friday Night Funkin' mod character as a add on.
Tricky is such a hard FNF Week!

Other person: You sure?
by Oh yayayy May 29, 2021
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How hard it is to rock a rhyme, on time.
It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme, that's right, on time, it's tricky.
by KYguy69 June 26, 2009
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To pull the wool over somebody's eyes, you are not completely truefull with them.
Commonly associated to wheeler dealers and other salesmen who sell shoddy goods which are not up to standards.
The word Tricky can be used as a nickname or in sentence.
Tricky Micky- nickname for someone who sells shoddy goods and is also named micky. Also a famous entrepeneur who made it big on eBay 4 years ago.
Your Tricky- something you call them if they have mugged you off/made a fool you with one of their sales.
by Keir Michael MacCorgarry Gray February 1, 2007
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A clown who is a zombie which hates hank. Hes from Madness Combat. Not Friday Night Funkin you 6 year olds. He also screams. Alot. Hes an assassin hired by the sherrif to kill Hank and apparently Tricky gave Hank a weapon because I guess hes like: THIS AINT FAIR OK NOW ITS FIAR FOR THE BOTH OF US. Tricky the Clown in the FnF Mod says: NYYYYYYEERRRRRR VRROOM VROOOOOOMMMM Also Tricky hates Hank cuz idk I havent watched the whole madness combat series.
A guy 2: Ye.
A guy: hes from fnf
A guy 2: shut up
A guy 2: Hes from madness combat and hates hank
A guy: *gets called on by thr fbi since hes dumb*
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The most amazing, wonderfully witty and gorgeous girl to exist. No one should even bother trying to compete with Tricky.
"She's Tricky, you may as well give up."
by Crayyyyyyzay February 18, 2017
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