"Relationship status" thru the eyes of a weary home wrecker.
As young Alison cleaned her room and sorted thru her hair care products, she like totally wondered why life had to be so complicated for her and her married boyfriend.
by DiedAlone March 8, 2009
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A relationship status that essentially conveys that "it's not going to work out." The term "complicated," masks the truth of the situation for the two in the relationship, but everyone else knows what "complicated" means.
Billy and Jane hadn't seen each other in sometime. When confronted by George, Billy said that his relationship was "complicated."
by Dane Roberts January 14, 2007
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a seriously confused and confusing person. Usually found in teenage years. will drive you mental if you do not step carefully!
Girl 1: "Jill is all emo'd up again."
Girl 2" "Yeah she's seriously complicated."
by islandjess April 10, 2008
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A relationship between two who are in fact dating, just don't want to explain it to their families. They think they are being subtle by calling it this, but no one is really fooled.
Brittany: Are you and Alyson dating?

James: No, it's complicated...
by B.ritzy December 8, 2009
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"I get these very complicated migraines that could induce strokes."
by Perpetuating Punk Rock May 4, 2010
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adj. 1. A supremely amalgamated human female specimen 2. A woman exuding hotness 3. An impressive aspect of the female anatomy, particularly the breasts or buttocks
"Hot face, model stare, nice ass, stacked ... Yeah, I'd say she's complicated."

- or -

"Damn yo, that ass is straight-up complicated! I want to motorboat it, but it looks too serious for me."
by cmak May 22, 2006
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