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Heather is an amazing person that defines what a woman should be. She's caring, honest, strong, sweet, gorgeous, funny, talented, firm, witty, loaded with sex appeal! The Heather I've met had me captured within a week of knowing her! Her voice follows me everywhere I go, making me think of her over and over throughout my days! If you know a Heather or mine for that matter, you would feel special every time you are around her! I catch so many others being attracted to her, making me feel honored to have her as mine! Don't take Heather for granted because you loose her, and you loose alot! I cherish my Heather, and all that she makes me! What a AWESOME perfect person Heather is!
Jesse will always love you Heather!
by Jive Jesse July 25, 2016
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Heathers are soild Teflon, never bothered, never harassed.
I want to be just like them.
by Heatherless September 06, 2017
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Heather is beautiful, honest, down to earth and straight-up unbelievable. She likes keeping to herself and usually doesn’t let people into her life, her private life is known only by a lucky few. And if you’re lucky enough to get to know heather, you’re in for a treat. Her eyes are like the Caribbean, she’s a woman you can’t get out of your mind once you’ve met her and you can’t live without once you know her. Once you’ve kissed her you’re hooked. She has many boys wanting her but she’ll only go for someone who is a challenge to her. She’s not a whore but definitely not innocent, she will blow you mind in bed and really knows how to seduce a guy and turn them on to the point where it’s almost painful. She doesn’t fall in love easily but when she does she falls hard and deep and she’ll stay by you forever, but if you break her heart she may not be very forgiving. She's much underappreciated until you realize what she actually does for everyone. She loves books, classical music, she’s a good cook and a wonderful mother. Defiantly someone to hold on to.
i can't stop thinking about Heather...
by ladyyy May 30, 2014
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Heathers are usually the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. They are extremely sexy and have nice bodies. Heathers are also amazing kissers. However , they are not self absorbed bitches. Heathers have fun, loving personalities and are crazy fun to be around. Alot of the time they are shy to outsiders but very comfortable with friends. Be warned--Heathers are the funniest girls you will ever encounter. Any boy to hook a Heather should consider themself extremely lucky and never let her go. Not only are they kind , but also smart. If you are considering asking a Heather out , JUST DO IT! You will not regret it && will have lots of fun showing her off to your friends.
Damn, look at Heather. She's so sexy.
by FoOtBaLlGuY2O12 January 19, 2012
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Fun, crazy, beautiful, witty, sarcastic, loving, kind, stupid funny, precious, good-catch, smart, kinda psychic, loves to be looney, loves chocolate way too much, eyes the color of the carribean, empathetic, a girl you can't live without, once you've met can't get her out of your mind. Once you've kissed her, you're hooked. When she falls in love with someone, she falls hard and deep and will stay by you forever...unless you do some dumb shit. She loves to laugh, play, and have fun. You don't want to ever see or make her cry. True inner beauty, loves God, babies, and small animals. Hates spiders and roaches. Loves to cook and bake...a very good mother. Total package.
Wow..that girl has it all.. her name must be Heather
by woopdeedoodledoo February 02, 2010
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