Polite way of asking someone to cease to continue what they're doing.
Please stop, I want to be left alone.
by PineappleJuice March 25, 2015
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a word where it means to keep going for some people.
please stop. no.
by l0renooo May 8, 2022
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Person 1: *coughs*
Person 2: Please stop.
Person 1: Thanks!
by H&R Block January 5, 2022
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Urban Dictionary is now flooded with bullies, insults, and bad words.
Please stop it now. Please stop the bullies to make Urban Dictionary look better. Delete bad words. Delete words with insulting definitions. Delete all negative words with meanings. Make Urban Dictionary better.
Please stop bully now!
by Devonalfiano July 9, 2021
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What women say when you have sex with them to let you know that they're not comfortable.
If you ever hear this, stop. definitely stop. you should probably not be looking for the definition of this on urban dictionary, you should have stopped like 15 seconds ago at least. Why are you still reading, please stop. How did you not know this meant stop. Why did you have to google it. Anyway who uses their phone during sex regardless. Weirdo.
Woman: "Oh god no please stop"
Man: (Stops)
Woman: Thank you.
Its not hard.
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