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A bomb-ass female

The baddest female in bad bitchika

She is loyal and very fun to hang out with

And gives no fuck to bitter, petty fake ass bitches
And likes to give the one-finger salute to anyone who pisses her off
That girl is such a Shannen
by Joselyn101fuckyopussy September 21, 2016
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A beautiful person inside and out. She loves animals and nature. Have a talk with her, and you'll always leave feeling better. Her body is amazing. Her face is beautiful and regal. She makes art and is well on her way to creating some true masterpieces.
Shannen ate your pet hamster. I am truly sorry for your loss.
by PoopyK November 18, 2013
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Beautiful young girl that is very talented she is very happy all the time and not rude at all she is very tough really creative and artistic has georgous eyes soft and smooth hair and a wonderful smile she is shy sometimes but when shes with her friends shes a whole diffrent person. Shes a leader and lots wanna be like her she is very outgoing, she has an evil mind. When shannens get obsessed with something they talk about it alot. She can be a bit bitchy at times. she does not hate on people nor does she become jelous of people and very friendly with lots of people. Shes also very funny.
Person1: Wooh why does that girl have so meany friends.!

Person2: She must be a shannen.
by I love Shannen May 18, 2011
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Shannen's are very beautiful girls with very nice asses. They are also very good listeners and tend to offer the best advice. They are very sweet and have lots of friends to due to their overload of friendliness. They are like Star Girl from that book called Star Girl. Once you meet one, you can't let it go.
Guy 1: Shannen is sooo beautiful
Guy 2: yea and way out of ur league bro
by bbbbbbllllaaakkeeston August 05, 2011
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the coolest/most sexist person you'll ever meet. make sure you don't mistake these for SHANNON 's. they're sweet, smart, yet underneath all of that beauty, is one tough bitch. so dont mess with them.
GUY 1: aww snap, who dat fine ass girl right there?
GUY 2: she must be a shannen
by chuuubacabra8D November 20, 2010
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i am so happy i met this girl shannen anyone who meets her will completley agree with me that she is undoubtly the most unique fun nd super lovin girl in the whole wide world. she always helps me nd comforts me. she will take time out of her day when she culd be eatin crisps just to tell me not to worry about things nd she is so sweet i want to be her boyfreind but im not sure how it will go over but rlly if someone readin this happens to meet her DATE HER u wont be dissapointed her cheeks r really rosey nd her lips r like so squishy u can squish them nd they are 100% real she has gorgeous god given hair and her eyes suck u in nd they undress you nd before u know it you're kissing her nd she has her legs around u like a tarantula. i love you
ryan: i envy you shannen you are beautiful
shannen: ;p oh yes i know
ryan: i know u know u r so cocky
shannen: its all skill bitch
by ryanlovesshan August 20, 2011
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Can be a bitch, she doesn't care much for other people's emotions. She has low self esteem so takes this out on others. Be careful with her or she will try and destroy you
A: Aw man this chick totally made my little sister cry!
B: Damn, she sounds like a Shannen!
by Friendlyneighborhoodspiderdude October 24, 2011
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