This can only happen in your imagination, so don't waste your time; go make you dreams come true!
Don't let your dreams be dreams. Go get your Happily Ever After!!!
by Mr. Stinkypride December 16, 2016
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To find your one and only and live happily with them for the rest of your life. To be constantly happy with no
Cinderella-i love you
Prince Charming- I love you too
*wedding bells*
they lived Happily ever after
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Engaged to be married, happily married, or married with children, as in a storybook ending. To be removed from the pool of eligible people to date.
Guy: Did you see Cori last night? She is looking fine!
Friend: Don't even bother, bro... she's happily ever after.
by Ryan Miziker January 27, 2007
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to live in one's little alternate utopic reality, while tripping on drugs.
stop trying to live happily ever after; you won't get very far with the Unforgiveables.
by Sexydimma April 7, 2015
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obviously only exists in Disney movies. or when you are reading a children's book.
and they lived happily ever after.
by Le fleur 🦋🍄✨ September 19, 2021
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