156 definitions by Titus dyfilid

When u want to suck your baess dick til your face is purple and my noise runs sloppy.
Give me a slight hint an I’m in the car. Tellmitucomenwil My dear luv
by Titus dyfilid February 15, 2019
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When pain is so fearce at point that it makes you sweat bullets in nervousness. An leaks tear ducks to isolation hardened wrenched. Yet you wait for the calm of the story believing in a better tomorrow.
All this as trained my trinity to maintain through a Temporary rain.
by Titus dyfilid March 2, 2019
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To express to someone that they’re passion is the most beautiful grind and motive for a lack of better term human to ever succeed to diecast through art of self expression. The barrier of what is know physical reality is what makes us all unique in our own way, and if you can see the marvelous creature you are then your just blindly abstracting yourself from the wonders of your remarkable influence on the world.
by Titus dyfilid February 26, 2019
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When someone is so cute they remind you of a rascally rabbit when they smile. Especially as free first 😘.
They’z bunni my bunni and she know it either way don’t you honey? I only want you no other haven’t had no one else ain’t it funny?
by Titus dyfilid March 3, 2019
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Someone that will protray the upmost compassionate, loving sincere and compelling soul that they possibly can ensure in someone’s outlook, of they’re insight. With deviant exposure, hollowed to they’re core with a manipulative backing to failsafe the persons trust and inner view of them. With drives of greed and heed, seeing as they only want to self loath bottomlessly a persons pride for self obsorption am ward grief of they’re inner insecurities.
You see how that girl plays with that dude time, feelings an self confidence. He’s destroying himself of false sense of hope when she’s a Timpest tyrant
by Titus dyfilid February 18, 2019
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A ritual that could and thought was once to be set in stone, to build a godly city. Created by one goddess and her god to rule this ancient realm with justice, love, compassion. Motivating and proclaiming ultimate trust and strength through trust and loyalty of a Connectic magnitizing bond built buy the rulers of the land.
Tinomen was was beatiful mindset created by its authors before time itself yet, the gods have fallen from each other losing theyreselves rendered to the world.
by Titus dyfilid March 3, 2019
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To fuck someone while moaning, screaming and saying your name and multiple phrases during sex. Then mix it into a hit song.
Me and her could have made some hella’of Sensexitones that would have been rad but she had better thing to do.
by Titus dyfilid February 26, 2019
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