156 definitions by Titus dyfilid

When someone is so cute they remind you of a rascally rabbit when they smile. Especially as free first 😘.
They’z bunni my bunni and she know it either way don’t you honey? I only want you no other haven’t had no one else ain’t it funny?
by Titus dyfilid March 3, 2019
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To be thankful for the love shown, great friends, and friendly reminders that people care.
I’m grateful for the birthday blessings I was bestowed and the loved one close I hold dear.
by Titus dyfilid February 26, 2019
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To be reading post of people on urban dictionary and fiction examine how they are and the characteristics they Intice.
Person 1: wanna play Urbanpictionairy? Person2: man I try to only do that before bed, it’ll eat my whole day away glued to the screen in entertainment. Hah
by Titus dyfilid February 25, 2019
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To say Ian, none could compare. 🤭
Ahtnamas Where you go? P2: drove around and pass. P1: alright so another tease? P2: no you in the car? P1: yaaaa it’s cold asf!!!!
by Titus dyfilid March 3, 2019
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When you are sitting in your drive way and have your first time in the back seat all night long so good you don’t even make it in the house til the sun rises.
Bro I heard y’all havin drivluv tonight?!? P2: so so on gawd, but she a flake more time den not
by Titus dyfilid March 3, 2019
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The feel of someone’s naked body against the force of yours as well. Nourished frictional solidation
I love the Nourished frictional solidation just the touch of her skin vibrates to mine.
by Titus dyfilid February 15, 2019
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