An amazing friend, is there for you all the time. She is also has many different sides to her as she can be the nicest person and an evil overlord with minions at the same time. She is super duper uber pretty , and will never let you down. Everyone loves her, and she is an amazing actress and super smart. If you don't have a Maggie as your friend, you should get one.
Person 1: Who is that? She's so amazing!

Person 2: Oh that's a Maggie.
by dkaljdsfklajdsflajdsfklsjdfasl January 11, 2012
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Maggie is mystery. She's kindhearted, happy, upbeat, and fun to be around, but she's got a sexy, darker side to her. She can be manipulative, conniving, an tricky to pin down, which somehow makes you love her more. You'll never get tired of being with Maggie because she's always surprising you. She can be a nice, innocent girl that you bring home to your parents, but the second she gets you alone she will ravish you. She's incredibly sexy and knows how to drive a guy crazy. Maggie is also a phenomenal girlfriend who loves to laugh and smile and who appreciates the little things. She's incredibly caring and you shouldn't be surprised to see her helping out around church or building houses for the homeless. She can be tough on the outside but is a very sensitive and loving girl so be careful not to hurt her. Maggie is someone you never want to let go of because you'll always regret it.
Wow how did I get so lucky to be dating Maggie?

I never know what that Maggie is thinkin' but somehow that makes me love her more.

She's incredible. I can't wait to go hang out with Maggie again!
by "Lil Nugget" February 15, 2013
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The most lovable girl in the world. She isn't a fighter, but a lover. She will fight for love. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with her, and you're the luckiest man alive. She's the most wonderful girl in the world and will stand up for what she believes in. She can make you crazy in love with her just when she speaks. I hope I get you to read this Maggie ;).
I love you Maggie <3
by Nighthawk2378 February 25, 2013
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a Maggie is a girl that won't take a compliment no matter how hard you try. They are the kind of girls who would rather die than be useless. They will smile above all and let everyone think they are okay even when others lie and hurt them. They won't leave their friends or tell other's secrets even if they find them on accident. They hate being called pretty because they don't like others being judged for their looks. They don't feel special and can easily suffer from clinical depression. They like to dye their hair, get tattoos and piercings. They won't judge you for being of whatever sex, sexuality, or religion only if you hurt others. Maggies lie and say they are okay and cry in the shower before they let another see or hear them shed a tear because they feel no one can help them. Often they wish the could be alone and are scared they will become greedy self centered or worst of all hurt the ones they love most. They are normally short girls with dark brown hair and hurricane hazel eyes. No matter what they do they are hurt to easily and often pretend they don't care. If you get a girl named Maggie tell her she is beautiful and treat her like it to remind her even if she seems like it doesn't matter to her. They who doesn't trust or fall in love easily. She can be confusing, but only needs you to tell her and things will clear up. Maggie is just a girl that is artsy and likes being alone.
Guy: Maggie is so pretty!
Maggie: no im not.
by XmX November 18, 2013
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A girl who is hard to get. She doesnt trust or fall in love quite easily. Shes a strong independent girl who is always caring to others. Shes always laughing & smiling. She loves everyone & all she wants in return is someone to love her back. She can be confusing at times, but things can clear up fast & easy. Shes not your average girly girl. She is a girly tom-boy, & isnt afraid to play football with fake nails on. Shes isnt a complicated girl, & any guy would be lucky to be with her. Shes very understanding & gives great advice. She is always looking to have a great time, & can be the life of the party. Shes totally boy crazy, not in a bad way. She knows how to get down & dirty yet stick to her morals. Her inner beauty is great as well as her outer beauty along with her flowing hair. Everyday with her is a new adventure. With her, you may never know everything about her. She’s a mystery that youll always want more. Her personality is one of a kind. You must becareful because she has a soft heart, yet disguises it very well. When she’s down, you won’t be able to tell, but if you can, let her know that things will be okay, & she’ll brighten up. She’ll give you a hug everytime she sees you, & with each hug, you know what a great friend you have.
Maggie is simply the best.

I need to go to Maggie for help.

Party won't start till Maggie walks in.
by mistahjackonbicth March 25, 2011
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she is a beautiful kind person who loves to have fun but knows when to stop. She loves being with big crowds but also being alone. she loves everyone and everyone loves her. Shes always there for you and won't stop trying to make you happy. she loves to help and well always help no matter what the issue. she is an amazing person even though you may not be able to see it. If you have a Maggie in your life keep her forever because you won't wanna lose a person like this.
Maggie's well be here forever or as long as you need them...
by arealmaggie:) June 28, 2011
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