1) Used instead of saying just 'repeat' . Not used if asking someone to repeat something said, usually used in instructions.
Man 1: press the button then pull the lever.
Man 2: Then what?
Man 1 : Rinse and repeat?
by IVIoosh February 7, 2011
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loading the chamber. to have a sly 5-knuckle shuffle half an hour before having a bird round and getting to the point of custard without blowing your stack. Then when she gets it.... man does she get it, both barrels if you will!
I banged the shit out of her last night, she got a mutton repeater in the face, her dry cleaning bill is enormous
by scousegaz December 8, 2009
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A guy that ejaculates more than once during a sexual act. Usually at least 3 times. With the sex act able to last a long time. It's great for women who never get enough penile penetration or love cum.
Man - I'm cumming... Hey I'm not done yet, get that pussy back here.
Woman - Not done yet? That's so hot, oh my god in my 30 years I've never had a repeat cummer! I'm so glad I met you. Come fuck me some more...
by MrEverlast April 7, 2016
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A phrase borrowed from instructions commonly found on bottles of shampoo and hair conditioner. It is used to indicate that a certain pattern of behaviour will, inevitably, occur again - usually despite furious claims that it won't.
This phrase is particularly applicable to people in troubled relationships.
Once again, after three months of dating, Noodle has frightened off her latest man. Now she's dating someone else. Rinse, repeat.
by L.A.R.S.O. April 25, 2006
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an adjective describing something done continuously, derived from the final instructions on a shampoo bottle
Having an infant is a continuous cycle of the mundane. Feed, change, put to bed, entertain, rinse repeat.
Person 1: Did you hear that the Bush administration is pushing for another surge into Iraq? And this time should be the last one.
Person 2: Sure, why not. Rinse repeat.
by ChuckChaser69 March 3, 2008
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Repeat song
1. a song you can't stop listening to
2. a song you keep playing on repeat
3. a song you that's stuck in your head
4. a song you love so much you repeatedly play it
5. all of the above
Usually reflects on current social, emotional, and/or mental state, etc... (May not always be the case)
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus is my latest repeat song.
by RandomDerpyGirl September 14, 2013
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Someone who repeats something you said sarcastically thinking they sound cool and try to make you look dumb, but end up looking like a fag for doing it.
Boy: "I did really good on my test! I got a 95 percent!"

Bully (sarcastically): "Oh, I got a 95 percent!"

Awkward pause.

Boy : "Wow, you're a repeating fag."
by J-MAC30 April 27, 2010
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