Usually born in the south, a Steele is typically outgoing, smart, funny guy who will always brighten your day. Not to mention he is the perfect example of the quote, “It isn’t the size of the wave it’s the motion in the ocean”. Even though all Steele’s have above average genitals. A Steele is stubborn as a mule with anybody but when he cares about someone he’d take a bullet for them. Lastly a Steele always show the upmost respect for woman that he cares about.
Girl: Did you hear, Stephanie is dating Steele. She says he’s the best guy she’s ever been with in all categories.
by Internet_Based_Facts December 23, 2017
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An amazing guy who's loving, funny, cute, kind, caring, hot, handsome etc... He always knows how to make you laugh or smile even with the simplest of words. He's a complete and utter dork sometimes as well. If you know a Steele you're definitely lucky to be around him, even if he makes his own little mistakes you're not perfect either. He's overall a pretty amazing guy to be friends with or to be with.
Hannah: "Look it's Steele!"
Mic: "Omg I love that dork soo much!!!"
by mic.writes June 25, 2017
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A rare name usually given to the male gender. they have been known to carry a huge penis and be amazing at sex but do not come with the extremely annoying egos. they're caring, lovable, sexy but hard to come by. they have also been known as the God in disguise. many have lived to be over 100yrs, even with excessive abuse of alcohol. occasionally a Steele will loose his temper and do something foolish but will have huge remorse/regret the next day. A charm with the girls, very loyal and understanding. if in a relationship with a Steele do not let him/her go as they will probably be the best thing that has happened to you.
Tracy: oh my fucking god quick look over there!

James: why? what is it?

Tracy: It's a fucking Steele. quick take a photo

James: Yeaa! Holy shit i just blew my fucking load. got the photo!
by chessclub91 July 17, 2010
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A creative artsy girl, very beautiful but not at all busty. Very skinny and will most likley kill you if you make a small joke about her. Beware.
Bob: Youre one skinny bitch!
Steele: You do know that I can make it so you cant have children, right?
by XcoldhardsteeleX August 9, 2009
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A Down syndrome with 6 toes and three bum cheeks and three finger nails
Phil: Hey do you know how to describe a spastic
Bruce: Yes call them Steele because he is one
by CWALD0909 August 7, 2017
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A male individual with a desire to touch little children
Police Officer: Mr. Steele, you're under arrest for the touching of children
Steele: I told that bitch to keep shut!
by RobocopGangstar July 1, 2011
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