The act of making the shocker with both hands and laying the folded ring finger of one hand over the other. You then proceed to give a female the shocker with both hands, alternating trusts w/ the left, then the right hand.
"Dood, I gave this bitch the repeator the other night, and damn, her ass nearly snapped my fingers right off!" Paul "The Sodomizer"
by Pinksocker69 September 14, 2004
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The male equivalent to a multiple orgasm / squirter / cummer in the female. The male cums more than once in the same fuck, sometimes rapidly - giving the impression of a very much longer than usual jet of hot cum, without losing the erection or resting. The fuck can change position; i.e hand, tits, mouth, ass, pussy, feet, more than one sex partner at the same time etc with hot jets of cum all the way through sex. Even right upto the end!
"A good hard cock and I'll cum buckets but Jeff was something else - an endless stream of hot salty cum. I've landed myself a repeater! Yum, Yum!! I know what I want for lunch!"
by skipper johnson January 6, 2009
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Computer Graphics terminology specifically 3D modeling. You can clone or copy an object indefinately in a viewport or making multiple copies of the same object whether its a car or airplane or spaceship or whatever mesh object you prefer.
I created this computer mesh object of a car and texture mapped it and rendered it out and then I just cloned 5 additional objects of it to repeation in the viewport so now I can have my own fleet of duplicate race cars.
by borg9 October 20, 2009
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A fucked up game you play around people who are high on weed. You repeat yourself or other people around the high person and when the high person asks why you're repeating yourself you tell them you're not and that they're crazy.
We gave Joe a panic attack last night playing repeater repeater.
by Carlos Stone February 8, 2016
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a sporadic hook-up with no strings attached that continues over a lengthy period of time; NOTE: This must occur over a period of time so that it is not confused with dating and getting to know someone to determine if there is something more. At this point, it's clear there is nothing "there" but you both have nothing else going on, so why not get a little more action? This can even be used for ex-boyfriend/girlfriend hook-ups with no intention of getting back together.
Do you or your friends ever hook-up (doesn't need to be sex) with the same person over and over even if there is no "real" realtionship or commitment? If you or your friends have this, you have a repeater! Example of use in a sentence: "Allsion met a repeater tonight!" -or- "Meredith were you with repeater last night?!"
by JennaDD September 18, 2007
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Annoying person who points out the one negative thing in something and blows it up to make is seem like something huge...or just an overall douchebag.
That RepeateR actually makes me contemplate murder.
by Cable387 September 22, 2004
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A rock band consisting of three (possibly four) members. These are Eoin(vocals+guitar), Mojo(bass) and Diarmaid(drums). The possible other members are Jonny and Conor (both guitar)
"Hey were you at that Repeat gig?"
"Livestock or Kilcoole?"
by Biblo February 15, 2005
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