Repeat song
1. a song you can't stop listening to
2. a song you keep playing on repeat
3. a song you that's stuck in your head
4. a song you love so much you repeatedly play it
5. all of the above
Usually reflects on current social, emotional, and/or mental state, etc... (May not always be the case)
Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus is my latest repeat song.
by RandomDerpyGirl September 14, 2013
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the act of masturbating shortly after masturbating.
beating off shortly after wacking off the first time in order to achieve sleep

Originated in the 303 by innovators such as KK, and Steele.
guy: yea last night i couldn't fall alseep so i had to resort to the old repeat beat to be able to finally get some shut eye.
by KK-303 May 17, 2006
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a married or single person that is constantly involved with married or attached men..

The lowest form of a person that gets a sadistic thrill out of being the "other woman" or "other man"..

side note- they are most likely elitist, insecure assholes in all other areas of their life, too.
ex; "Is Jackie going out with someone's boyfriend/husband again?"

"Yes Jane! She is a cheater repeater!"
by lostinspace July 2, 2009
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A device commonly used to repeat one's balls.
I got hit in the balls yesterday so I just used my balls repeater and now they're good as new.
by Ron Mcgoo July 7, 2008
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a woman that a man has already enaged in sexual intercourse with one or more times in the past
Tom: Yo Eric, did you get a fresh kill last night?
Eric: Nah, but I did bang this girl that I used to see in college.
Tom: Oh well, don't worry, nothing wrong with a repeat offender
by Champ360 April 2, 2015
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A person's extremely small collection (usually 3 or 4 pieces) of clothing that they wear every week. Most people with a repeat wardrobe get made fun of frequently.
Duder 1: "Look dude there's that Italian kid. He's wearing that damn blue shirt again."

Duder 2: "Yea man he's got the worst repeat wardrobe I've ever seen."

Duder 1: "Hey blue shirt kid! Come here, I got some Spanish homework I need help with."
by westfalia January 12, 2010
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An individual who wears the same outfit (a set of clothing) more than once. Seems to be more of a female thing because it doesn't really apply to males.
Girl 1: Hi
Girl 2: Hello...OMG didn't I see you wearing those jeans and tops last week?
Girl 1: Ummmm....I dunno.
by Johnny Cool 8 December 29, 2009
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