Someone who exaggerates or repeats what other people said, just for emotional support or to gain few Facebook likes from people. Without knowing anything.
Jessy : "Christianity killed 2 billion people, and the priests raped people, they burned down houses, for 1 million years .... "

Don: "Jessy, Please shut the fuck up. You don't know what you are talking about. You are a F*n repeater hippie"
by theOddball October 24, 2013
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in science, a test that is repeated for no known reason, or "just because"
All strip plates had zero CFU counts for the repeation.
by mad_scientist_77 July 21, 2010
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1) After sex, it is the waiting time(medically known as the refractory period) until the guy is ready to "practice his craft all over again." In most cases both parties are still slippery and sticky from the first time, so he just slides it in and repeats the process. Best outcome is that the dude knows what he's doing and the woman doesn't get to annoyed.

2) Doing something again even though the first time was a complete and total failure. Unfortunately this time, it is even worse.
1) Girl: What are you doing back there?

Dude: Ya up for a slippery repeat? I know I am!"

2) Dude #1 "What the hell is he doing here? Didn't he smash into some cars and fuck them all up?"

Dude #2 "He sure as fuck did. Guess he's a slippery repeater and must learn the hard way."

Dude #1 "A slippery repeater and an asshole? Great combo!"
by The MI Shocker December 4, 2013
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When the same course of events happens repeatedly, despite attemps to to stop or change it.

Background: Expression is derived from the original Super Mario Brothers game on Nintendo. Some of the Bowser's Castle levels were 'repeating castles', where the same sequence of screen would repeate continually until the player performed the neccessary sequance of actions to get out of the repetition.
As Joe and Jon walked back to their campsite, they past what looked like the same tree at least three or four times before making it back.

"Fuck, I hope we get out of this repeating castle before dark," said Joe.
by Hopewell Rocks December 11, 2009
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1) Used instead of saying just 'repeat' . Not used if asking someone to repeat something said, usually used in instructions.
Man 1: press the button then pull the lever.
Man 2: Then what?
Man 1 : Rinse and repeat?
by IVIoosh February 7, 2011
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(v.) To say something that no one responds to (because no one cares); and then saying the same thing again, usually louder than before, in anticipation of a response. Still though, no one responds - again - because no one cares. This is usually done by some arrogant douchebag who everyone hates. He may think no one heard him the first time, which is why he says the same bullshit again. Oh no, mister douchebag, everyone heard you, they just don't give a fuck. After failing to get a response, said douchebag typically changes the subject, in attempt to alleviate the awkward silence.
Douchebag: I'm so hammered, bro!
*Awkward silence*
Douchebag: I'M SO HAMMERED, BRO!
*More awkward silence*
Douchebag: So... nice weather we're having...

Random Guy: That dude totally just re-repeated.
by ihateorangejuicesorry March 17, 2011
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an adjective describing something done continuously, derived from the final instructions on a shampoo bottle
Having an infant is a continuous cycle of the mundane. Feed, change, put to bed, entertain, rinse repeat.
Person 1: Did you hear that the Bush administration is pushing for another surge into Iraq? And this time should be the last one.
Person 2: Sure, why not. Rinse repeat.
by ChuckChaser69 March 4, 2008
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