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The act of smacking someone in the face with your dick and balls. Often used as an initiation rite at fraternities.
“How are we gonna mess with the new pledges?”

“I’m gonna give them the old wrecking ball.”

“Dude that’s gay.”

"Well... I'm still gonna do it."
by Alibaster Slim August 03, 2012
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– Noun
1) A heavy metal ball swung on a cable from a crane and used in demolition work.

Also, wrecking ball .

- Verb
2) A sexual act in which a male gently slaps his testicles against his partner's face. This can be done in one swing, or several times, imitating a wrecking ball motion.
She knelt in from of him and he gave her a wrecking ball on the chin.
by C_Girl August 07, 2010
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When a chick is giving a guy head in the shower and with great fervor pulls out, grabs on to the shower curtain rod, screams, "WRECKING BALL," and proceeds to swing his junk into her face.
Bill D. broke the shower curtain giving Beth the Wrecking Ball last night.
by TC April 21, 2005
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Noun, verb; A sexual position featuring a woman laying on her back while a man has sex with her breasts. However, he is doing so while kneeling above the woman and facing her feet (see also: reverse titty-fuck). If done correctly, this should lead to the mans scrotum swinging violently into the chin or face of the aforementioned woman. Thus creating an effect similar to that of a wrecking-ball.
dude, i wrecking-balled that girl so hard last night that her silicone bags burst.
by Galactus42 February 07, 2009
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When you've failed to pull a long stray hair out of your food and later go to lay your fæces, only to have a piece of the turd swinging like a wrecking ball from the hair, out of your anus, threatening to demolish the porcelain walls of your toilet bowl by smearing them in shit.
Goodness gracious, I went to the toilet and part of my turd was hanging like a wrecking ball. It must have been a hair from the indians at the dairy.

These peculiar marks I'm scrubbing off the bowl look like someone has shat a wrecking ball.
by Refreshment Boxx March 19, 2011
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