The act of smacking someone in the face with your dick and balls. Often used as an initiation rite at fraternities.
How are we gonna mess with the new pledges?”

“I’m gonna give them the old wrecking ball.”

“Dude that’s gay.”

"Well... I'm still gonna do it."
by Alibaster Slim August 4, 2012
– Noun
1) A heavy metal ball swung on a cable from a crane and used in demolition work.

Also, wrecking ball .

- Verb
2) A sexual act in which a male gently slaps his testicles against his partner's face. This can be done in one swing, or several times, imitating a wrecking ball motion.
She knelt in from of him and he gave her a wrecking ball on the chin.
by C_Girl August 8, 2010
When you've failed to pull a long stray hair out of your food and later go to lay your fæces, only to have a piece of the turd swinging like a wrecking ball from the hair, out of your anus, threatening to demolish the porcelain walls of your toilet bowl by smearing them in shit.
Goodness gracious, I went to the toilet and part of my turd was hanging like a wrecking ball. It must have been a hair from the indians at the dairy.

These peculiar marks I'm scrubbing off the bowl look like someone has shat a wrecking ball.
by Refreshment Boxx March 19, 2011
a fucked up fetish where women hook a round ball of 5 to 10 pounds to there pussy and swirl it around like there's no tomorrow, while playing the song wrecking ballsack. You have to be careful when girls are doing this shit because the bitch can hit you in the fucking face by accident.
Girl-you hit me like a wrecking ball!
man-eyo you got a fucking weight hooked up to your stinky pussy
girl-so I don't cat caaaaaaaare cuz youuuuuu hit meeeeeeeeeee likeeeeee a wreccccking baaaaaaaaaaal
man(beats the shit out of the chick)
by Yacker's Popular Words November 7, 2013
When nailing a chick hardcore...your balls are slapping her so leave red marks like you are gonna tear through her anal cavity.
I was banging Jill last night so hard. My balls almost busted her anal hyman like a wrecking ball.
by jt1224 September 4, 2009
The act of taping the Penis to the stomach. Than proceeding to swing your ball sack like a pendulum into another persons face.
Tea-bagging is for pussies, instead, destroy her face with a Wrecking Ball.
by therealfuckingchibi February 3, 2013