the silence in a conversation when all other parties feel that someone else should be talking, yet no one does. Usually happens directly after a weird comment is made or between two partners on a date.
After John made that dead baby joke, there was an awkward silence.
by Confused Desi December 10, 2006
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when a conversation between humans die because they run of subjects
worth talking or something inappropriate has been been said which makes the person or people too embarrassed to talk.
Example 1
Tim:your gay
Dog:.......(awkward silence)
by bottletopman May 7, 2009
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an awkward silence is a moment when everything suddenly goes quiet and it feels awkward. Some people say that for every awkward silence, there is a gay baby born.
Wow there was just an awkward silence for this means a gay baby was born.
by I AM IRON MAN. October 7, 2009
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what you hear when u tell your girlfreind your gay....
When i finally told her, there was this weird awkward silence
by Johnny Hush June 28, 2006
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Can take place at different situations-for example when someone farts at dinner,or when u say "Dude,Fuck my boss!!!" and then u realize he's right behind u because of the way your job mate is staring at u...Or when u pass by a person u had the craziest sex with,2 days ago and u both were dopped as hell and then u realized it was your friends mother
Shawn:"dog' you're going to love my parents-my mom baked those delicious cookies for friday-now' I want to you to meet my mom-mom,this is Benny!"

---------awkward silence....-----------

me:"yeahh,hy,,miss...hey...---listen Shawn,where's the bathroom?..."
by Benny D1 March 22, 2007
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an awkward silence is often followed by the birth of a retarded baby. in the event of an awkward silence, one often feels compelled to say "a retarded baby was just born," not only to break the awkwardness, but also to remind others of the myriad of awkward silences created by retarded babies, as shown in the example below, in which an imaginary retarded baby creates multiple awkward silences.
sue: "ooohhhhh you're baby's so cute! what's her name?!"
leslie: "his name is livingstyn rochhe barrell III. and--
retard: "LKDJFDKLSJ WAYGHJRTN EHHHHHHH (head lolls to side)"
sue: "oooh um...uhhh...soo...this is an awkward silence...anyways, byeee! great seeing you!"
sue calling pat: "omg leslie has a retarded baby!"
pat: "oooh awk."

by Kate and Olivia January 9, 2007
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