Very great in size, extent, number, or degree.
I was born with an (enormous) need for affection
by Oluma November 22, 2013
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You smell like EnOrme and brass polish. You were at a strip club!
by firefight156 January 24, 2011
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Used by journalists and other ill-educated people to mean 'enormousness'. Actually means 'extreme wickedness' and not related to size in any way.
The enormity of his ignorance became obvious when he referred to the enormity of an innocent elephant, who had led a blameless life.
The enormity of Stalin's regime only became fully apparent after his death.
It will take some time for the enormity of this legislation to emerge.
by sempre September 11, 2013
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1. When someone something is doing something so fucking ugly you don’t know how to react, call them this.

2. When someone is literally enormous, or just very unattractive, use enorm to describe them.
Boy: *Fat Boy eating a burrito with beans running down his face, chewing with his big ole mouth open, asks a pretty girl a question*
Girl: “Ew don’t talk to me, you’re fucking enorm
by AlexisTexas21 June 13, 2019
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