Real-world reality, as opposed to TV or movie reality.
What he did with that car was not movie real, man. It was real real -- through the fence, over the approach and into a barn. No shit. And he walked away.
by wordguy2 April 12, 2010
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a more expressive form of for real.
This ganj is the shit, for real real.
by International Bad Boy August 29, 2005
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-Something that is beyond real
-Anything that is a good(buy, deal..etc)
1.That head unit is that real real kid, you should get that

2.You can trust this kid, hes real real
by The Don March 15, 2005
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A variation of It's been real, but with additional emphasis on the unique nature of the experience discussed.
A: "Thanks for hanging out."
B: "It's been real."
A: "It's been REAL real."
by SweeetLou December 27, 2010
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pertaining to a subject that one insists is indeed fact and not fiction.
Becky is pregnant for real real not for play play.

Since the speaker has added this expression, the listener can not mistake that Becky is pregnant because only by lying about her pregnancy would the statement be considered play play. Since Becky really is pregnant, this is for real real and can not be a lie or joke.
by truthseekre July 24, 2009
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Used to imply complete seriousness. Honestly.
For real for real, when I walked in the room, he was making out with the dog.
by th3m0nk October 15, 2005
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Slang for "in acuality"
"i be slingin' ounces of rock on the real to real"
by randy March 6, 2004
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