Ganj is short for ganja, which is originally from the Sanskrit. Ganja is the flowering head of a marijuana plant, which is sticky, has yellow/orange hairs, and produces the most powerful highs. This proper way to find God.
Danny and I smoked some awsome ganj yesterday. I was so high that I ate a whole box of Nutty Bars!
by Beecherw June 4, 2005
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Short for Ganja, which is slang for marijuana, MJ, weed, wacky tobaccy, pot
Tonight me and my bitch are gonna rock the ganj like its goin out of style, the fuck like we're gonna die.
by Farmer X November 11, 2003
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Ganj is another term for Ganja, commonly referred to by Rastafarians, and is also known as Marijuana in other parts of the world.
Over 50% of the United States population smokes the Ganj.
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one of the undoubtedly millions of
ways to say marijua, short for the term, "ganja".
-excerpt from Dogma
~Jay "Yo, no wonder this fool saw Jesus, he's rockin the ganj!"
by johnny richter February 20, 2005
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(noun) pot; short for ganja
gimme the ganj!
by Fishnets May 12, 2004
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If you go to Pahar Ganj in Delhi around 6pm, you can pick up some free vegies.
by dYsLeXiA March 5, 2005
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the lazy person's word for Ganja.
Dude.. my girlfriend was in a porn and she smokes ganj.. what now!
by Rah January 4, 2003
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