Another word for seriously. When you’re serious, but sassy about how you feel towards someone or something
It adds on to other words and gives emphasis on how you feel.
Honestly that’s really annoying
I honestly don’t understand what you’re saying
Honestly that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard
Honestly I feel you.
by Casual peanut April 12, 2019
Made by jhoanys flores it is used in every sentence
by wawawawas_0723 February 3, 2022
Did you not read the colony policy? That defines you as company property? That waivers your say in autonomy?
You should honestly read the colony policy.
by Flatblok71 February 18, 2021
A word increasingly used by people who emit diarrhea from their pie hole.
Honestly, like I know she's not a real manwhore like me.
by Cankhocklin March 7, 2014
typically used by brain-lacking teenagers who feel like fitting in with their peers and whatever they say doesn't seem believable so they add this; like, honestly. Very similar to "you don't even know" and is usually followed by a phony expression.
hey guys like, honestly, i'm sooooooper busy

like, honestly, that guy is really hot but i'm sooooper busy to even like, honestly, be into him.
by Fully Moons December 13, 2011
A term used by me when really pissed about something and not caring anymore.
'Hey, it's time to go'.
'Not now, later'.
'Honestly, fuck it!'
by A B Z May 9, 2008
1. The assertion just made, while seeming controversial to the masses, is a clear logical extension of the belief subset shared by all relative non-fools (including all present company).
2. Q.E.D.
(alt. "cuz honestly", "because honestly now")
Man, the time has come to build a custom motorcycle trailer whose sole function is to haul this 600-watt subwoofer, because honestly.
by feralchimp January 14, 2005