in air traffic control , when two planes get too close together.
fuck , did you hear jason just had a deal working the departures ?
by vector victor May 29, 2010
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1) statements to use in agreeing or disagreeing with a prior statement.

2) statement to use in saying that a situation has to be accepted for better or for worse.
1) "Let's get some lunch."
-"Okay, deal!"

"Let's get some lunch at mcd!"
-"No deal!"

2) "So, how's life?"
- "Oh, you deal, you deal."
by Izzycroque July 09, 2006
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A word used mainly by Okies when they either don't know or can't remember the name of something, or are too lazy to think about the correct word.
1) "Do you want to borrow this CD?"

"Yeah, just put it on that deal over there."


"See this deal my sister gave me?"

"What deal? Oh, that ring. I thought you were talking about something else."
by lyndal June 01, 2007
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Anything that is totally unexpected, but totally awseome and welcome. Usually sexually oriented.
I went to my hot teacher for some innocent extra help, but she wanted to bang instead, now thats a deal.
by plummer December 06, 2004
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General term used to denote anything whose name or terminology escapes the immediate mind or thought.
Eric just left to go see about that thing with the deal.
by Thrawn September 28, 2004
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