in air traffic control , when two planes get too close together.
fuck , did you hear jason just had a deal working the departures ?
by vector victor May 29, 2010
1) statements to use in agreeing or disagreeing with a prior statement.

2) statement to use in saying that a situation has to be accepted for better or for worse.
1) "Let's get some lunch."
-"Okay, deal!"

"Let's get some lunch at mcd!"
-"No deal!"

2) "So, how's life?"
- "Oh, you deal, you deal."
by Izzycroque July 9, 2006
The step after choppin but before dating. They mean a little more to you than jus a fuck buddy, but not quite boyfriend/girlfriend yet.
"Yeah me and Sandra are dealing"
by Manuela January 30, 2005
Anything that is totally unexpected, but totally awseome and welcome. Usually sexually oriented.
I went to my hot teacher for some innocent extra help, but she wanted to bang instead, now thats a deal.
by plummer December 6, 2004
1. To sell drugs of course!
2. A bargain.
"I've been dealing for 99 year's but I don't have anything right now, you got any deals on you?"
"Ring our new dealer, he sells nice deal's."
by Diego July 26, 2003