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a way for the ultra groups to show their support for a football team. usually accomplished through scarves, huge drapes with logos on it, or through fireworks.
many fanatic supporters display their tifo before the match.
by International Bad Boy September 19, 2004
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nothing more than hype.
lost at Wimbledon for the 48th straight year.
Tim Henman will NEVER win at Wimbledon.
by International Bad Boy July 02, 2004
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the only greatest football club in the world.
Beckham... into Sheringham, and Solskjaer has won it!!

History is made. Manchester United are the champions of Europe again, and nobody will ever win the European Cup final more dramatically than this! Champions of England, Champions of Europe, Winners of the F.A. Cup, everything their hearts desired!

Down and out, not a bit of it, they are never out!
by International Bad Boy February 17, 2005
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parts of a girl's otherwise tanned body that are not tanned. Usually caused by bikini straps, etc.
look at that girl's tan lines, she looks like she's got stripes all over her!
by International Bad Boy April 24, 2005
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Something your football team (Arsenal? Chelsea? Liverpool? Leeds?) will never win.
Have you ever won the Treble, have you fuck?
Have you ever won the Treble, have you fuck?
Have you ever won the Treble, ever won the Treble,
Ever won the Treble, have you fuck?
by International Bad Boy July 19, 2004
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