To be forcefully grabbed and shaken with such ferocity that the recipient resembles a ragdoll, usually occuring when a person has to restrain from more direct attacks for the sake of some bad concequences. For example nightclub bouncers/men with angry girlfriends/prison guards etc.
The cheeky twat thought he was a proper hard cunt til the bouncers ragdolled him all over the bar before chucking him out.
by gobshite March 02, 2005
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Ragdolled is when you fuck a woman so hard and long by the time you are finished she is completely submissive and will do anything you ask which she otherwise might not do.
After I ragdolled her last night she willingly swallowed my load.
by mtnthc August 06, 2016
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when someone is shot and there body goes limp resembling a ragdoll
you ragdolled that nigga my homie
by bob bmac August 29, 2006
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A term used in modern electronic games, where characters fall limply and body parts interact with the environment after being killed. The goal of Ragdoll physics is creating more realistic corpses. This often results in cringes of horror, or bursts of laughter based on the corpses flipping or slumping. One of the earliest games employing Ragdoll physics is Hitman.
"I shot him in front of a railing, and because of ragdoll physics, he flipped over the railing and hit a chair."
by Brian November 04, 2004
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The Ragdoll is a breed of longhaired cat. It is best known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature. It is perhaps the gentlest and most easy-going of breeds. The name "Ragdoll" derived from the fact that many of these cats go completely limp and relax when picked up. Ragdolls have a sturdy body, short legs, and a long thick coat with Siamese-style points.
My Ragdoll is the sweetest pet in the whole wide world.
by michmich July 12, 2005
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1) A doll made of rags.
2) To throw someone about and move them around really fast.
3) A type of cat.
Wow, that ragdoll sure is ug-ly!

Ha! I just ragdolled that bitch!

My ragdoll cat looks like a plush!
by Lesbian seagul September 23, 2007
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Ragdoll: A more pleasent term for a dick puppet in mixxed company.

Ragdoll (Ragdol sex): An action of intercorse where the woman is small in nature and easily mounted while you walk around the house.
Hey Kevin, I got that little ragdoll's number over there.

Damn I'm tired, that little dick puppet I hooked up with last night, she was all into the ragdoll. Hell I got up, went to the frig and got a beer and never had to pull her off or miss a stroke.
by bare bear balls October 18, 2009
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