A dark enclosed space where men and women mingle and dance. Most encounters leading to sex during the same night. There is usually a bar where overpriced drinks can be purchased and music is played very loud through the night. Can be a prime breeding ground for several types of STD's.

1) I met a female companion at a nightclub on Saturday. Little did I know she had already slept with most of the club goers and had passed on a virulent strain of herpes to me.

by Mr Peabody June 21, 2007
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A place where people dance, drink and take drugs.
I like to party at the nightclub.
by 1069 August 26, 2006
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the best place in the world
paradise on earth
"A nightclub is paradise on earth"
by Istvan Benko March 9, 2008
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THE place 2 end any night out worth shoutin' about: a concentrated boogie beat box full of those possessing rhythmn (yet always a few without); a venue where shakin' ya booty is a must chicas - long live bootyliciousness, the key to el baile sexual... maravillosa!!! p.s. the Octagon, officially (!) the best nightclub in Britain - check it out...
- Hey iawn met, ti allan heno?
- Yndw, ti?
- Yndw siwr, nos Sadwn 'di! Lle fyddi
di'n diweddu fyny?
- Yn ryw nightclub masiwr...
- Wel yn yr Octagon fyddi di lly,
welai di 'na ta met!

(if you don't already know - s'Welsh! dysgwch Yr Iaith)
by Hogan Pesda n Bath February 28, 2005
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spiders nightclub: the epicenter of saturday night amnesia! a dungeon of air guitarring and lechery.

"mate! its me! from last week at spiders! dont you remember? you talked to me for ages about lego hands!"

" not a clue mate i was fucking wasted!"


"spiders nightclub is well good!"
by gldcraig April 10, 2008
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Usually female ( occassionally male) who spends most of their free time in night clubs. They are usully drunk, dressed like whores and their self confidence is boosted by members of the opposite sexy showing them attention. Usually they come from rich homes . They end up usually shagging the owner , bouncers and staff for free enterance and drinks.
Todd : " Hey man, what you think of that Jane chick?"
Julian : " Dude that chick is a total nightclub rat, she is always in the nightclubs".
by Ivanator October 7, 2009
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A legendary alternative nightclub situated in Hull, England. Home of cheap drinks, fine women, great music and friendly staff for over 20 years.
Joe: "You going to Spiders this weekend?"
John: "Certainly am"
by Rust In Peace February 26, 2005
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