When your body.exe stops working
"Hey did you see Joe Bama Ragdoll?"
"STFU and remove that yee yee ass haircut!"
by Spelying 100 January 13, 2021
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A game in roblox where a bunch of copy and pastes and slenders go and online date. The copy and pasted love to push and bomb others for no reason.
Copy and paste:wanna play ragdoll engine??
Slender: sure ####
Copy and paste: #########
Slender, copy and paste: *push* *hug* *mean*
by Uricha September 23, 2020
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Where slenders, copy and pastes, and unfunny food troller go to hangout and online date. The copy and pastes bomb and push people without robux Aka “noobs”.
Person 1: you wanna play ragdoll?
Person 2: as in ragdoll engine ._.
Person 1: Yea why-
Person 2: isn’t that the game where people online date??
Person 1: uhhh
Person 2: don’t forget the annoying food trollers :/
Person 1: Yea ur right let’s play an obby ig
by Uricha September 23, 2020
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when ur roughly shag a person until they can’t feel any part of their body therefore making them a ragdoll
emma: steve proper ragdoll shagged me last night i couldn’t feel any of my limbs
by jonjo shelley August 20, 2021
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during sexual intercourse penetrating the recipient with such vigour and speed that they lose all muscular and ligament control, thus appearing like a ragdoll.
whiplash may be a symptom of ragdoll-ing.
"i wanted to cum so bad that i was ragdoll-ing the crap out of Phil."
by Rhino_UK January 03, 2009
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