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When all you can see is the head of the dick and balls.
When Russell went to have his stint pulled out of his kidneys, his dick was up in his throat. It looked like a grub worm wearing a turtle neck. That is a little dick.
by Holly Palmer January 18, 2008
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A name used to make fun of a male that has a very small penis.
A term used by girls to describe a male they attempted to have sex with.
An unfortunate name for a son of a man named Richard.
Justin Bieber's member.
Sally: "How was your date with the hot guy from accounting?"
Suzie: "You mean little dick? It was a disaster! He is hung like Justin Bieber! I sent him home crying!"
by November 01, 2012
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A penis which is very small, less than 4 inches when erect. Girls will laugh at guys with little dicks and mock them for their shortcomings.
Jenny: I got together with Kevin last night.
Marge: Was it good?
Jenny? No he had a little dick pretty much unfuckable and he blew his load after like 5 seconds.
Marge: How big was it?
Jenny: Smaller than a babies, I told him he had a little dick and he burst into tears.
Marge: Pathetic.....
by derwent October 06, 2007
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