A term used in modern electronic games, where characters fall limply and body parts interact with the environment after being killed. The goal of Ragdoll physics is creating more realistic corpses. This often results in cringes of horror, or bursts of laughter based on the corpses flipping or slumping. One of the earliest games employing Ragdoll physics is Hitman.
"I shot him in front of a railing, and because of ragdoll physics, he flipped over the railing and hit a chair."
by Brian November 4, 2004
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1) A doll made of rags.
2) To throw someone about and move them around really fast.
3) A type of cat.
Wow, that ragdoll sure is ug-ly!

Ha! I just ragdolled that bitch!

My ragdoll cat looks like a plush!
by Lesbian seagul September 24, 2007
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Ragdoll: A more pleasent term for a dick puppet in mixxed company.

Ragdoll (Ragdol sex): An action of intercorse where the woman is small in nature and easily mounted while you walk around the house.
Hey Kevin, I got that little ragdoll's number over there.

Damn I'm tired, that little dick puppet I hooked up with last night, she was all into the ragdoll. Hell I got up, went to the frig and got a beer and never had to pull her off or miss a stroke.
by bare bear balls October 19, 2009
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A term used when a male is having sex with a very small girl (ex. 5 feet) where he can handle her like a "ragdoll".
"Dude! I totally ragdolled that girl last night. She was so small!"
by Philip. June 28, 2009
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prostitude, stripper, whore, slut, hoe, hooker & or occasionaly crack head, crack baby. All put together equals that term.
John; DAMN! Kaitlyn is hot. She's not a ragdoll, I wanna tap that?

Darnell; Awwwww *gag*; thats just pure & plain desperate mayne. DONT HANG OUT WITH ME NO MO'!
by QD. August 2, 2008
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1. Adv. Used to describe a sloppy, flailing, and pathetic motion that most commonly occours when having several spinal nerves severed, or one in a wheelchair is pushed off a large set of stairs or a ledge.
2.N. Anthony Scalamere III, professional skateboarder, who was dubbed Ragdoll for his sloppy, flailing, and pathetic bails. The rest of his skating is good though.
A.That kid with muscular dystrophy is moving so ragdoll-like.

B.Holy fucking shit! Atiba just shot Ragdoll bailing his shit off the Hollywood 7!
by Spankey November 23, 2004
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When your body.exe stops working
"Hey did you see Joe Bama Ragdoll?"
"STFU and remove that yee yee ass haircut!"
by Spelying 100 January 13, 2021
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