Have a girl suck your sick, then knock her out while the cum is still in her mouth, then proceed to swing her around till the cum drips out, there, now you have done the ragdoll spit
Guy 1: hey! I did the ragdoll spit on my girl last night!

Guy 2: oh cool, how did it work out?

Guy 1: she called 911 on me and accused me of rape.

Guy 2: oh cool, bye!
by Jack ingof February 16, 2020
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An underrated fighting ragdoll game in roblox that has survived for 3 years that is very fun and many veterans that will surely crush you if you do not learn tricks in this game early
a random player : man, i just got crushed by a veteran in ragdoll system test
a random fellow veteran : ok cool
by September 19, 2021
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An underrated ragdoll fighting roblox game with many veterans using baseball bat and if you won't train your skills quickly, there is a high chance you will get crushed by a veteran from ragdoll system test
a random guy : i keep dying in ragdoll system test, help me pls
a random veteran : no, do it with your friend instead
by September 19, 2021
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Someone who becomes Ragdoll like because they cant control their limbs when trollied.Drunk
"why wont she get up?"
"she cant because she's a rat-faced ragdoll,"
by mongchariotforhire July 31, 2009
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Before you have sex with the female, add a small microchip on your helmet ( penis end ). Deposit the chip inside the woman ( any hole ). Using a remote control you will be able to make the microchip vibrate and wiggle sending her into a coma of sexual orgasms. If she doesn't scream like she wants it whip her aggressively for 2 hours. Try this again and if she still doesn't scream chop her legs and arms off. Try it finally and if she doesn't screams cut her head off..
She didn't scream so I sliced and diced her into small pieces.
She liked the robotic Ragdoll alright, so she recommended it to friends
by spunkmobile November 13, 2010
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Ragdoll Universe is a fast-paced ROBLOX FPS created by LightningSplash and RediblesQW. The game has gone through three iterations, Ragdoll Combat, Ragdoll Mayhem, and the present Ragdoll Universe. The game currently has 25 million visits.
Person 1: " Ayo hop on ragdoll universe "
Person 2: " wink wink "
by Mikkros December 21, 2021
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