prostitude, stripper, whore, slut, hoe, hooker & or occasionaly crack head, crack baby. All put together equals that term.
John; DAMN! Kaitlyn is hot. She's not a ragdoll, I wanna tap that?

Darnell; Awwwww *gag*; thats just pure & plain desperate mayne. DONT HANG OUT WITH ME NO MO'!
by QD. August 01, 2008
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To go limp from dying, as in a video game.
"Half the time I take I running jump off of a platform only to discover too late that I was a few degrees off and could only watch helplessly as Lara ragdollized on jagged rocks."
-Yahtzee, on Tomb Raider
by childwithheadphones December 10, 2007
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1. Adv. Used to describe a sloppy, flailing, and pathetic motion that most commonly occours when having several spinal nerves severed, or one in a wheelchair is pushed off a large set of stairs or a ledge.
2.N. Anthony Scalamere III, professional skateboarder, who was dubbed Ragdoll for his sloppy, flailing, and pathetic bails. The rest of his skating is good though.
A.That kid with muscular dystrophy is moving so ragdoll-like.

B.Holy fucking shit! Atiba just shot Ragdoll bailing his shit off the Hollywood 7!
by Spankey November 22, 2004
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A term used when a male is having sex with a very small girl (ex. 5 feet) where he can handle her like a "ragdoll".
"Dude! I totally ragdolled that girl last night. She was so small!"
by Philip. June 27, 2009
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What Khabib does to his opponents in UFC.
Joe Rogan "Conor got Ragdolled by Khabib. He just mauls people "
by BullyLab March 22, 2019
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What Ronda Rousey would do to Floyd Mayweather in a fight.
Jesus Christ! Rousey just ragdolled Mayweather and ripped his fuckin' arm from his socket!
by Opietown July 17, 2015
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A term used when somebody falls on the ground and just lays there. It's usually described as the many deaths in video games, It's also a symptom of a brain aneurysm but it isn't really because you'd be dead because you're retarded.
Wow, Paul just pranked me by ragdolling on the ground! I thought he was dead!
by somebody who's in the U.S. March 10, 2020
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