A purse is usually small and made of leather. A woman keeps it in her handbag. It contains valuables such as coins, credit cards, a driving licence, paper money and postage stamps.
We noticed a woman looking at a lovely leather purse in the War on Want charity shop in Ballynahinch, Co. Down the other day. She took it to the counter, took her purse from her handbag, took out some money and handed it to the assistant. The voluntary assistant said "Thank You", put the purse into a plastic bag and handed it to the woman.
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Verb: purse

Before a prostitute and her client engage in any sexual activity and are still in the street the prostitute will negoatiate a price for the forthcoming sexual pleasure and or/ accept money beforehand. This is called 'pursing'.
Sarah would often purse in the dark back-alleys in order to fund her higher education.
by Blanka June 14, 2006
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A (whipped) male who holds items usually held in a purse for his significant other (gf/wife) so that she doesn't have to bring her purse. IE lipstick, money, keys, wallet
GF: Sweetie, can you put my keys in your pocket?
Male: Sure
GF: Oh, and here's my lipstick too.
Male: Umm, ok.
GF: Oh, one last thing - my scrunchie.
Male: Dammit - what am I? Your purse?

GF: Hey purse, can you pass me my lipstick?

by locos April 2, 2007
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that guy has a big purse... look at his bulge!
by Mar Dixon October 13, 2010
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1. A pretty container attached to a long strap which a woman may sling over her shoulder. She uses it to carry her ID cards and other items of a personal nature.
2. A woman's dog tags and collar.
Q. Can I see some identification?
A. Sure, let me check my purse...(jingle, jingle, jingle)...ah, here it is.
by starr March 10, 2005
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Another name for a males scrotum.
Yo dog, last night I was so stewed I kicked Breeze right in his purse. The fuckers definately broke now.
by electric john January 5, 2006
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