She is a very insecure girl. She doesn't know how amazing she is. She is very pretty. Dropdead gorgeous. She is super nice and everyone loves her. She is an angel. And she is ultra funny. She always tries to lighten up everyone's mood and she succeeds. She can make anything seem funny. She makes everyone around her happy. She carries a warm aura with her. Everyone wants to be her friend; all the girls want to be her and all the guys want her. But despite all the compliments she gets everyday, she is always secretly broken inside.
by November 27, 2020
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A girl, often very pretty, and perhaps a model. All the boys are after her and her gorgeous figure! She has amazing hair and a stunning smile!
Boy 1: OMG who's that girl?
Boy 2: That's Breeze
Boy 1: OMG i WANT her!
by littlemissyy<3 January 4, 2011
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Breeze is a name is a name given to beautiful girls. She's involved in sports, like water sports, she's into swimming. If you have a Breeze in your life don't let her go. She's the friend that will always be there for you. Breezes aren't common so you might only have one in your life. She is always there to talk on the phone unless she's doing her water sport or school work. She's a teacher's pet and easily gets good grades. She gets all the guys and a lot of guys like her. She's the person to talk to when you need to talk to someone.
wow Breeze is beautiful.
by Hi I'm a squid November 3, 2019
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Another word for cool (a breeze is cool), or even awesome. Used to describe a person or situation.
That was so breeze!
Bill is breeze
by Bill_Eastwood August 16, 2011
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A sexually attractive girl that is too young to have intimate relations with.
by thahib October 12, 2009
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Trinidadian slang for relaxing.
Synonym of chilling out, hanging out, liming
by wordtrini July 1, 2013
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